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24% to 40%
growth in firms citing implementation of a text analytic solution, 2014 to 2015

Attivio Text Analytics transforms unstructured information, analyzing and structuring content with a comprehensive suite of techniques proven in hundreds of deployments. When enriched by Attivio, this information correlates with structured sources, in Attivio’s universal semantic catalog.

Attivio supports a full range of text mining, text analysis, and content enrichment capabilities, including:

  • Configurable, extensible ingestion workflows for text mining
    • Batch or incremental document/record ingestion
    • Organize content into logical and related tables
    • Organize indexed content and data into “zones”
    • Extraction of text, document formatting, and metadata for more than 500 file formats
    • Comprehensive dictionary management to add, edit, and delete dictionaries and entries
  • Universal index/catalog – ‘schema-on-read’ index for structured and unstructured content/data
  • Language identification, lemmatization, classification, sentiment scoring, key phrase extraction, stop-word dictionary, ‘more-like-this’, dictionary-based entity extraction, person name extraction, and synonym expansion – for 45 languages
  • Advanced text analysis, including key phrase extraction, document and entity-sentiment calculation (machine learning), clustering and classification, dictionary-based and/or statistical-based entity extraction, result clustering or classification (machine learning); support for taxonomies and ontologies, predictive analytics module (classification, regression, and pairwise correlation), and trending entity identification (to reveal ‘most-common’ occurrence over time)
  • Flexible, powerful query alternatives:
    • Simple – keyword/phrase, Boolean (AND/OR/NOT) operators, numeric ranges, character wildcards, and capability for score boosting
    • SQL – full support for ANSI SQL through JDBC/ODBC access Scope (semantic search across defined ‘zones’ or ‘scopes’ in documents)
    • Fuzzy (based on spelling variations) , Phonetic
    • “More Like This" (or "Query by Example")
    • Geo-coding/Geographic
    • Extensible query workflow supports NLP, sub- and cross-document analytics
  • Patented method (Query-time JOIN) for correlating and retrieving data across multiple tables, using one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many relationships – without pre-defined schemata
    • Eliminates task of data de-normalization (flattening of data) and
    • Lowers scalability barriers associated with adding new or voluminous content sources

You know there are insights hidden in your information; Attivio cracks open document meaning using text analytics to find and foster those insights.

of the unstructured content you don’t analyze, will have no positive impact on your business

Attivio adds structure to your unstructured data sources, using powerful text analytics to decipher what documents contain – removing the uncertainty hidden from normal view. Your insights benefit from the ability to correlate your previously unstructured information (such as chats, logs, email, media) with the structured data that runs and measures your operations.

With Attivio, you can:

  • Take advantage of what you know – ontologies, taxonomies, dictionaries, and patterns
  • Extract, analyze, and correlate from every data source, to arrive at insight
  • Update knowledge and analytics, easily, to reflect decisions and outcomes

And because Attivio fully supports text analytics in 45 languages, your solutions can have global perspective and impact – a genuine enterprise-wide solution.

With Attivio’s universal indexing and enrichment, your analysts will be more productive – focusing their talent and time on connecting insight and action, rather than on deciphering documents. With its ability to correlate across all information sources, Attivio finds the needles faster, crushing traditional deadlines.

of large enterprises currently use Microsoft Active Directory to manage employee information and authentication.

Attivio’s platform is designed to operate on-premise or in cloud-based solutions - running under Linux and Windows operating systems on commodity-grade servers. Its management consoles and dashboards provide complete visibility into every stage of information processing and access. And with a host of well-documented APIs, no platform is easier to connect or extend to meet your solution requirements.

When the need arises, grow to many servers. Attivio’s text analytics platform delivers:

  • Agility that adapts swiftly and easily to support existing, or create new, applications
  • Compatibility with your existing security and application management protocols
  • Lower TCO – with cost-efficient scalability - without degradation of performance or availability

As a platform that analyzes text across legacy, desktop, and emerging data storage paradigms, Attivio provides the flexibility and analytic power to uncover insight, wherever it resides.

All of the tools and methods you need. Unsurpassed ability to work with existing tools and solutions. Running efficiently on hardware you can afford. To learn more about Attivio’s agile, enterprise platform, consult our Solution Brief.

The Unstructured Data ‘Gold Rush’ Is On

Don’t pan for occasional nuggets of insight, - mine unstructured data with Attivio Text Analytics to locate a seam of actionable insight. Attivio creates value by:

  1. Ingesting unstructured information, regardless of source
  2. Mining documents, attachments, and containers completely
  3. Analyzing and correlating systematically, and
  4. Fueling applications with richer, more certain insights

Put Attivio to work on your content and find the gold inside.

Integrate and Correlate Disparate Information Sources

Reconcile Multiple Views of the Customer. Organizations seeking to thrive in the Age of the Customer can’t succeed if they can’t profile the customer uniquely and correctly. Their challenges include:

  • Difficulty establishing master data management (MDM)
  • Merger/acquisition-driven accumulation of mission-critical solutions
  • Difficulty locating and profiling existing data assets
  • Ability to complete an enterprise-wide deployment

Attivio implemented a text analytics solution for a leading biotech equipment manufacturer- integrating and rationalizing customer records across multiple systems of record. With the solution in place, they reclaimed the ability to market and cross-sell products from different divisions to their best customers.

Integrate Data Sources and Discover Hidden Insight

Multiple Languages Spoken Here. When you’re responsible for coordinating law enforcement across national boundaries – language can’t be an issue. There are larger issues, such as:

  • Intelligence must be shared across borders
  • Data sources are ‘imperfect’ – criminals use multiple names, addresses, and vital data
  • Correlating facts is essential
  • A secure, global platform is absolutely imperative

Attivio’s Text Analytics solution is a proven, secure platform that delivers unsurpassed function across the broadest range of languages – providing organizations like Interpol with security, text analytics, and a shared semantic catalog for correlating structured and unstructured data. Law enforcement in the 21st century needs the very best to protect and apprehend – Attivio Text Analytics delivers solutions that make a difference.

Correlate Disparate Information and Discover New Relationships

Upgrading Your Enterprise Search Platform. National Instruments responded to Microsoft’s ‘end-of-support’ for FAST by setting a goal to upgrade their search technology. To achieve this goal, they sought to upgrade user (both staff and customer) experience – by leveraging the power of text analytics to find and suggest more relevant information. With Attivio they found the power to:

  • Support a global roll-out in multiple languages
  • Correlate structured and unstructured information without exhaustive data modeling
  • Deploy an information ontology to simplify user requests and increase the relevance of results
  • Increase connectivity to a wider collection of sources and enforce comprehensive information security

Using Attivio’s platform and APIs, National Instruments replaced Microsoft FAST and achieved “… a new level of business success, more quickly.

Read the National Instruments Case Study

Integrate and Correlate Sources to Deliver Better Insight

Unstructured Information and the Internet of Things. GE Aviation placed a tall order – seeking a platform that could Analyze Everything. Candidate solutions would need to integrate, correlate, and present information and insight, without advance data modeling. Data sources would include real-time sensor data, service reports, CRM, case management notes, and maintenance manuals and logs. And the winner is … Attivio, because:

  • It could tackle the largest, most complex problems – including big, Internet of Things data flows
  • Correlating across different data sources was an easy, query-time request
  • The time between data arrival and decision was compressed, and
  • The solution set a new standard for BI-related implementation

Attivio delivered the integration and analysis of structured and unstructured data that has allowed GE Aviation to completely replace their previous customer support application – with one that relies on the Internet of Things.

Ask An Architect

Attivio maintains a team of experienced and friendly Solution Architects, who routinely advise and assist organizations developing their Attivio solutions. We’re confident you’ll ask for a sales representative when you’re organization is ready, but in the meantime, if you’d like to speak with one of our professional ‘smarties’ – they would be happy to discuss your needs and ways you might make your solutions smarter.

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