of big data decision makers report that their main technology challenge is that legacy data storage systems require too much processing to meet today’s business requirements

Attivio’s solutions for the Modern Data Architecture address the business demands for speed and agility by enabling organizations to quickly find and unify their data across hybrid data storage technologies.

The Modern Data Architecture stores data as is; it does not require pre-modeling. It handles the volume, velocity, and variety of big data. Most organizations have integrated Hadoop and NoSQL as part of a hybrid architecture.

The key to moving forward is to create an agile data stack that drives a self-service data workflow, enabling the powerful analytics that help organizations remain competitive and drive revenue. Attivio enables the transition to Hadoop and the Modern Data Architecture by finding and unifying all enterprise data, wherever it lives – in the Cloud, on third party servers, or in an Enterprise Data Warehouse. With Attivio, Hadoop doesn’t become another silo of information.

of all unstructured information never gets used for analytics

The Modern Data Architecture accommodates all types of information, from structured data to semi-structured log files to unstructured text. The end goal is to take advantage of all enterprise information to enable ad hoc, agile analytics.

Content that sits outside of structured databases -- such as comments on social media, product reviews, and chat logs -- contains a wealth of untapped information about customers and their interactions. Or the text-based content may contain details that make a difference between a partial view and the big picture.

With the ability to aggregate this information and correlate it with structured data, analysts can detect trends and patterns to find meaning.

of big data decision makers say that bottlenecks prevent big data from being accessed quickly and efficiently

With data spread across data lakes and data warehouses, and in internal and external sources, the process of getting data to the people who need it is growing more and more complex. This is a key roadblock to meeting the goals of data democratization and the ability to leverage data strategically.

There are data access bottlenecks due to the slow, manual processes of finding and unifying data sources in a hybrid architecture. Often analysts build their own spreadmarts of data, in a consumerization of IT movement. IT is concerned that the data is ungoverned, inconsistent from one user to the next, and uncontrolled.

The sweet spot is an agile data access that enables both control and collaboration. The business has data self-service, while IT maintains control and governance.


Unify All Enterprise Information with a Virtual Data Catalog

A data catalog is a core component of the Modern Data Architecture. It enables self-service data access, regardless of source storage, so that organizations can continually derive value from their information assets, even as other components of the data stack shift, change, and modernize.

The Attivio Semantic Data Catalog helps analysts, data scientists, and data managers find, understand, unify, and provision the right information – whether it’s structured or unstructured. These capabilities deliver:

  • Self-service data discovery, across disparate data sources, for ad hoc and advanced analytics
  • The ability to provision information for data-driven applications off of a single infrastructure

When businesses can unify their information across all silos, they are poised to compete on analytics.

Include Unstructured Content in Your Analytics

There’s Big Data and Big Unstructured Content. The analytics-driven enterprise needs to leverage both. Companies in any industry can benefit from insights available in unstructured content.

The problem that most organizations face with unstructured content is provisioning it for business intelligence applications, which are built for structured data.

Attivio Text Analytics adds structure to unstructured content via advanced content analytics techniques, so that disparate sources can be unified, modeled, and provisioned to advanced BI tools and data-driven applications.


Hortonworks, Attivio and an Agile Data Stack

For most organizations, modernizing the data stack means integrating Hadoop into a hybrid architecture. The Modern Data Architecture relies on a vibrant technology ecosystem to deliver the speed and agility today’s business requires.

Hortonworks provides the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), a commercial distribution of Apache Hadoop that offers an open and stable foundation for enterprises and a growing ecosystem to build and deploy Big Data solutions.

Attivio’s complete platform, including its Semantic Data Catalog and Text Analytics, is certified on the Hortonworks Data Platform. In addition, Attivio has three Hortonworks product integration badges for governance (integration with Apache Altas), security (integration with Kerberos, Apache Knox, and Apache Ranger) and YARN (integration with Apache Hadoop YARN).

Cloudera, Attivio, and the Modern Data Architecture

Attivio builds strategic alliances with best-of-breed technology vendors to help customers modernize their data stack, and offer easy access to all enterprise data as they transition to Hadoop.

Cloudera Enterprise is a data management and analytics platform built on Apache Hadoop. It provides the centralized management and robust support necessary to operate Hadoop effectively.

The Attivio platform is fully certified on Cloudera. Together, Attivio and Cloudera solve the legacy data issue that organizations often face when modernizing their data stacks. Instead of turning Hadoop into another data silo, Attivio enables enterprises to understand all of their data, modern and legacy, through a single viewpoint.

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