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Consumerize your employees experience with HR-related content

Answers at All Stages

No matter where they are in their employee journey – from onboarding to skill building to offboarding - today’s employees expect that they can find the HR information they need for that stage and solve problems on their own.

Further, 60-70% of HR professionals’ time is spent on repetitive transactional activities. In both cases, the right answer might be found in the knowledge base, a previous request, a chat stream, an email, or policy document on a shared drive.

Being able to deliver the right resolution into your employees’ hands – no matter where that answer resides – helps improve employee satisfaction and increase HR productivity.

Give your employees the personalized touch they deserve

Attivio’s Elevate HR empowers employees and HR staff with timely, relevant answers at every interaction, so you can improve eNPS, improve the adoption of the self-service portal, and spend less time answering common HR questions. The solution unites all sources of corporate knowledge, employee information, and HR content analytics under one intelligent, always-learning experience, to deliver precise resolutions to any issue, problem, or ticket, across all interactions.

Powered by AI and Tightly Integrated with the ServiceNow HRSD Module
Elevate HR, powered by AI technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, and text analytics, makes finding answers in ServiceNow fast and easy.
Bolster the engagement of HR in your organization with:
  • Personalized search to transform employee experiences with your portal

  • Enhanced employee engagement and performance

  • Improved operational efficiencies through analytics

  • Proactive engagement and increased visibility into employee journey and sentiment


Ensure HR Portal Adoption

Improve employee satisfaction and productivity, empowering employees with the HR information they need from any data source. From policies and procedures, day to day questions, and major life changes, create a modern, self-service experience employees will love and adopt.

Increase HR agent productivity

Position your HR staff to achieve greater operational efficiency while supporting an ever-changing digital workplace. Free up HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives rather than spending their valuable time fielding routine queries.

Improve Employee Satisfaction/Engagement

Downtime is costly in terms of both employee productivity and job satisfaction. Empowering employees to solve issues on their own results in marked improvement in both. Make this experience effortless and rewarding for employees by employing AI technologies to continuously improve query results.

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