of companies fund big data projects without knowing what their return will be

Whether your data is in a data warehouse, a data lake, on file servers, or a mashup of systems, you need an automated system to help you find and understand it all. Otherwise, all of your information has only untapped potential, and you are missing opportunities.

Attivio powers data discovery, inside and outside of Hadoop, by:

  • Indexing all of your data, inside and outside of the data lake, at scale
  • Adding a semantic layer to the data, so that the data has meaning
  • Providing advanced search for data, with inferred and manual tags, and automated recommendations

The key to getting value out of Hadoop is to create an agile data stack by automating the data cataloging process to gain immediate visibility into all of your information.

For more on the challenges of accessing data in Hadoop, read the blog post Accelerate ROI on Hadoop by Making All Data Accessible.

of big data decision makers say it takes one day or more to access disparate data sources.

While some of the data in Hadoop may originate from a well-structured data source, the mere capability to store data in multiple formats makes it challenging to infer relationships in the data and easily combine data stored in Hadoop; issues that are not encountered with a traditional data platform. Traditional data access methods are simply not efficient, or not the most suitable, for accessing data in Hadoop.

With Attivio’s Semantic Data Catalog, you eliminate manual data integration, with:

  • An easy search-and-gather experience, across all data silos
  • Automatic generation of data models, so you can visualize the connections between disparate sources
  • The ability to infer connections and find hidden relationships

Attivio gives you the power to build a unified model from all varieties of data – structured, semi-structured, and unstructured. With both recommended and user-defined connections between data sources, you control the model.

of big data leaders are concerned about shadow analytics

Especially for companies that operate in regulated industries, the value of trusted governance can't be underestimated. For example, many large financial institutions adopted Hadoop early on out of sheer necessity, in spite of its immaturity on the governance front. The volume of data they capture is extreme, so they need to run analytics at massive scale. Nevertheless, many of their primary analytic use cases such as know-your-customer, e-surveillance, and anti-money laundering carry with them substantial information governance and regulatory compliance restrictions.

With Attivio’s virtual data catalog, metadata is the key to agile data governance and control:

  • At the IT level, where data in tables is mapped to terms a business user understands
  • With machine learning, where data is automatically tagged and classified
  • With user tagging, where data stewards can centralize knowledge

This metadata feeds governance policies, including how to deal with PII (personally identifiable information). As metadata is added from any level, PII is recognized and pushed to a governance layer that protects the information.

In the TechTarget webinar “Bridging the Gap Between Data Storage and Analytics with a Virtual Data Catalog” three industry experts discuss why a virtual data catalog is the answer to maintaining data governance while still providing self-service access.


By connecting data sources from Hadoop and other data silos and seamlessly provisioning data for analytics, Attivio brings agility to the middle of the stack. For any stage of big data maturity, the ability to find and understand your data instantly is the crucial next step.

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