of executives see a compelling case for single-system integration of fraud and compliance systems

Attivio is an exceptional platform for unifying information across siloed applications. Financial institutions need solutions that enable the swift identification of sophisticated attack patterns. With the increasing intricacy of financial crimes, integrated risk and compliance solutions effectively connect staff with varying perspectives, building a stronger, holistic response.

With Attivio’s ability to unify repositories and applications:

  • Best-of-breed solutions like AML, KYC, and fraud can share information efficiently
  • Investigators spend virtually no time gathering evidence for case review
  • Institutions deploy consistent review processes on a global scale

Evolving regulation, expanding sources of unstructured data, and increasing criminal sophistication require an agile, efficient platform – one that keeps pace with growth (organic or merger-driven), a platform that provides the very fabric for connecting your current and future investments in data and technology.

The Attivio Insight Engine powers enterprise-grade, global-scale solutions for financial institutions – from rich ‘single-customer views’ and regulatory tracking/monitoring to eCommunication surveillance and AML Investigation. Learn why independent analysts recognize Attivio as a leading provider of solutions that analyze unstructured content, correlate those results with structured information, and deliver actionable insight.

of financial institutions have integrated R&C processes with a unified data model

Attivio creates and maintains a Semantic Compliance Catalog that effectively profiles all of your risk and compliance resources – so you can know what you have and where to find it. The catalog incorporates sources from every conceivable source – data lake(s), siloes, spreadmarts, application repositories, and external feeds and sources.

With increased visibility, you:

  • Incorporate every evidentiary and analytic element into your R&C processes
  • Can respond rapidly and completely to audit and enforcement inquiries
  • Provide the foundation for automating evidence and data gathering

Unless you establish complete data visibility, some insights will remain hidden in your information. Attivio uses advanced text analytics to crack open document meaning, build a common semantic catalog, and provide context for discovery. Know what you have. Know where it is. There are no alternatives that can reduce uncertainty, increase accuracy, and improve your R&C efficiency. Looking for best practices – check out our recent webinar.

of financial institutions cite access to internal data as most important challenge.

Attaining a complete perspective is a continuous goal, not a one-time accomplishment. As regulations and risks evolve, Attivio is designed to keep pace with expectations and sources. Providing an integrated platform for ingesting, enriching, organizing, and contextualizing new and existing data sources, Attivio’s core of text analytics functionality unifies existing and emerging R&C solutions. Attivio transforms unstructured information, enriching it to add structure and support correlation with structured sources, using Attivio’s universal, semantic catalog.

With Attivio’s integrating platform, you will:

  • Respond faster, with greater certainty, to regulatory and data changes
  • Correlate structured and unstructured information, joining siloed data without moving data
  • Achieve integration across existing applications, with enterprise-grade security and agility

You know there are R&C insights hidden throughout your organization; Attivio provides the scalable platform to crack open document meaning –to find and foster those insights.

Leverage your existing data and solution investments. Combine information and streamline R&C processes accordingly. Adapt your organization faster and at lower cost. To learn more about Attivio’s agile, enterprise platform for R&C, consult our Solution Brief.

Deliver Global Transformation With Speed and Certainty

Attivio creates value four ways: 

  1. Enabling global deployment and impact
  2. Propelling substantial reductions in R&C process time
  3. Deploying rapidly and securely, and
  4. Increasing the accuracy and confidence of your R&C efforts.

Attivio puts the benefits of integration and unification at the heart of your R&C solutions.

Risk and Compliance Use Cases and Applications

Anti-Money Laundering Investigation
Anti-Money Laundering Investigation
eCommunication Surveillance
eCommunication Surveillance
Regulatory Monitoring
Regulatory Monitoring

AML Investigation - Anti-Money Laundering Risk and Compliance officers face a set of common challenges:

  • New regulatory frameworks create speed, transparency, and auditability expectations
  • Adding a new regulatory solution adds complexity, with new application and data silos
  • Human review and judgment involves significant operating expenditure

Attivio’s AML solution automates evidence gathering and case narration – reducing investigation times by as much as 75%.  Learn More.

eCommunication Surveillance - The proliferation of electronic communication methods complicates the monitoring process that effective R&C requires. Again, the challenges are multi-faceted:

  • Processing unstructured text streams is difficult
  • Correlating structured and unstructured information is essential
  • ‘False positives’ trigger expensive human review; ‘False negatives’ lead to real brand destruction

Attivio’s eCommunication Surveillance solution ingests and analyzes existing and emerging communications, including attachments such as PDF or ZIP. Messages and payloads are indexed into a common semantic catalog – supporting search, analytic, or visualization interfaces for efficient and effective monitoring. Read our eBook.

Regulatory Monitoring - Attivio crawls and organizes authoritative R&C sources. Attivio’s text and content analytics support a rich, fully correlated catalog of the information your team needs to remain in-compliance. With Attivio you have the power to:

  • Automatically harvest regulations, cases and opinions, commentary, real-time news, and research reports
  • Classify information flexibly and efficiently, according to multiple taxonomies
  • Deliver via search or BI/dashboard interfaces

Attivio efficiently and exhaustively catalogs every relevant source of regulatory information, with complete control and security to support distribution to multiple audiences.

Ask An Architect

Attivio maintains a team of experienced and friendly Solution Architects, who routinely advise and assist organizations developing their Attivio solutions. We’re confident you’ll ask for a sales representative when you’re organization is ready, but in the meantime, if you’d like to speak with one of our professional ‘smarties’ – they would be happy to discuss your needs and ways you might make your solutions smarter.

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