of institutions monitor social media for misconduct.

New regulatory frameworks and expanding digital communication create a continual challenge – gathering relevant evidence is becoming more time-consuming. Attivio delivers a proven, agile solution for integrating any evidence source, regardless of its location or provenance – linked together in Attivio’s semantic data catalog.

Leading institutions deploy Attivio monitoring solutions to:

  • Obtain immediate visibility into new and evolving data sources, including voice
  • De-cipher meaning and pattern from unstructured text – to drive correlation and discovery
  • Link distinct evidence repositories with an integrated, semantic index

Breaking down walls between evidence sources is a primary regulatory concern; Attivio profiles, identifies, and unifies evidence, eliminating that compliance challenge.

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surveyed Financial Service institutions claim to be victims of economic crime in the last 24 months.

It makes sense to focus monitoring according to risk, but do your risk assessment procedures accurately incorporate a 360-view of risk? Attivio’s eCommunications Surveillance solution manages powerful text analysis to find patterns and meaning in unstructured information. From these patterns, and techniques such as machine learning, Attivio can classify risk for entities or transaction types – helping institutions focus resources on higher-risk cases.

The deep analysis of unstructured information:

  • Makes risk assessment more objective
  • Helps reduce ‘false positives’
  • Improves correlation across evidence types and sources

You know there are patterns hidden in your information; Attivio discovers document meaning to reveal and prove the connections. See the added value unstructured information can deliver.

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surveyed cite reducing compliance cost as a major focus.

As digital financial services and cybercrime converge, institutions need the capacity to dynamically combine evidence sources and analytic frameworks. Otherwise, their ability to anticipate and recognize crime will be uncertain and unnecessarily manual – raising the economic cost of compliance.

In particular, the drive for holistic perspective agility needs to provide for:

  • Enforcing existing and evolving security protocols
  • Scaling cost-efficiently with growth in communications and transaction volumes
  • Rapid, virtualized provisioning of evidence collections for advanced risk profiling

Global, enterprise solutions don’t have to resemble dinosaurs; Attivio provides a platform proven to scale, adapt, and protect – on that serves global operations for leading financial services providers. Go global and agile – download the eCommunications Monitoring eBook to learn more.

Immediate Visibility and Greater Insight

Attivio’s eCommunications Surveillance solution provides a true, 360-degree view of your risks; with the discriminating capability you need to increase compliance certainty.

Taking full advantage of a proven, enterprise-scale platform, you can revolutionize your ability to adapt to and detect financial criminal behavior.

Attivio’s solution makes holistic compliance truly agile and responsive.

Monitor Voice-based Communications

NICE Systems, Ltd. adds support for voice and speech analytics to the Attivio platform, providing a comprehensive solution that supports monitoring of voice-based communications.

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