of any BI initiative is spent getting all relevant information into analytics applications

Analysts may have self-service BI, but they still spend far too much time provisioning the right data for analytics tools. The process of finding and understanding data is slow and inefficient, and many BI users continue to burden IT with multiple requests to gain access to additional data sets. Otherwise, they have to develop analyses based on incomplete information.

Attivio accelerates data discovery with:

  • A virtual data catalog of all enterprise data
  • Natural language search for data, with recommendations and tags to easily refine the results
  • An intuitive, eCommerce-like shopping cart for gathering relevant data sources

With Attivio, you can instantly find the right data sets from all of your enterprise information, so you can identify the data that is most relevant. It’s as easy as Google, and takes only minutes to find the right data sources.

To see the Attivio Semantic Data Catalog in action, view the on-demand webcast A Semantic Data Catalog to Unify Your Data Across Silos.

Businesses use less than half of their available data for BI

As enterprises capture more and more data of all types—structured, semi-structured, and unstructured—data discovery requirements for BI and predictive analytics initiatives have grown more complex. There’s a widening gap between what BI solutions and analytic engines have access to via traditional, primarily manual approaches to finding the right data and what’s theoretically available from all the data sources across the enterprise.

With Attivio’s Semantic Data Catalog, you can leverage a complete view of your information, with:

  • An easy search for data sources from all of the information your organization possesses – not just the data sitting in known databases
  • The ability to find hidden relationships across disparate sources
  • Instant provisioning of data to your BI or advanced analytics tool

By unifying and enriching all enterprise information, Attivio offers a 360° view of the business, so you can confidently seize opportunities by considering the right information, in context.

You can request a demo to see in just a few minutes how Attivio unifies disparate data sources across the enterprise.

of an enterprise’s information is siloed and unleverageable across business processes

In today’s world, the path between data storage and data consumers is largely a manual process involving a lot of back and forth between data managers and analysts. It is a time sink for everyone involved, and the results often come in too late to be relevant.

The sooner the data supply chain can be streamlined, and the data democratized for the waiting data consumers, the sooner that data becomes a strategic asset. That’s when consumers can base their analysis on the best data from across the enterprise. That’s when they make the best choices. And that’s when the organization finds out what data can really do.

With Attivio’s Semantic Data Catalog, you have controlled access to a complete view of all enterprise information. Attivio:

  • Gathers all enterprise data in its catalog, but users only see the data they have permission to see
  • Offers an easy user experience that opens up self-service access to a wide audience to find and understand information
  • Automates the creation of the data model from selected data sources, so the model can be provisioned for downstream tools in just a few clicks.

By providing managed self-service access to the enterprise data catalog, Attivio enables organizations to accelerate analytics and time to insight and derive more value from their data assets.

To find out more about the benefits of a data catalog, get the perspectives of an analyst, an end user, and Attivio’s VP of Product Management in the on-demand webinar Building a Unified View of Your Data Landscape to Drive Agile Analytics.


The biggest BI challenge is not in storing data, or in analyzing it. Finding the right data is the bottleneck. With Attivio, you enable analysts to focus on outcomes by providing them with the right tools to quickly and easily find and understand the data they need.

How a Semantic Catalog Drives Agility

Data Discovery in Minutes, Not Months

You need an automated approach to deal with all your data. It’s impossible to handle it manually and be timely and competitive. Attivio’s Semantic Data Catalog enables you to find, unify, and provision data for BI in minutes, eliminating costly bottlenecks. See it for yourself. Request a demo to find out how Attivio unifies disparate data sources across the enterprise to accelerate Business Intelligence.

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