of customer-analytic respondents cite managing data from disparate sources as their top challenge

Attivio is unique in its ability to unify and analyze all types of enterprise information, producing a comprehensive, semantic catalog. Gone is the necessity and challenge of integrating separate search, text mining, and BI tools. Correlating facts across applications and data repositories, Attivio is the fastest path to extracting customer insight. Using 100% of the information that drives your innovation and operations, your time-to-action is reduced and your ability to learn from resulting business outcomes is built-in.

Attivio’s ability to unify information sources and applications:

  • Incorporates every relevant source – without structural limits, delays, or compromises
  • Creates a universal, ‘intelligent’ catalog– to populate every possible application
  • Infers structure and reveals correlation – joining disparate data types, on demand

Whether you’re seeking customer insights by developing new solutions on emerging sources or by integrating existing, siloed apps and their repositories, Attivio’s Advanced Customer Insight solution unifies every source, regardless of it’s location or format. You needn’t settle for anything less than a true 360-degree view.

Learn why independent analysts recognize Attivio as a leading platform for combining the analysis of structured and unstructured content, delivering actionable customer insight with wider impact, greater certainty, and less delay.

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of firms report that customer intelligence is integrated across lines of business

Attivio provides tools and workflows that help your solutions learn from their successes and failures – so you can systematically improve the quality of insight and associated actions. Learning is the essential element that makes discovery and insight more relevant and useful over time. Don’t get trapped answering yesterday’s questions with tomorrow’s data. Build solutions that learn.

With Attivio, you:

  • Incorporate everything you know – ontologies, taxonomies, dictionaries, and patterns
  • Extract, analyze, and correlate from every data source, to reveal insight
  • Combine knowledge and analytics, easily, to recognize the evolving insight-outcome connection

Just as earlier generations of search and discovery solutions provided tools and processes to tune the relevance of answers or used natural language processing to simplify how we request information, Attivio makes it easy to capture what’s known, pin point what’s noteworthy, and drive what needs to change.

Information is the new currency. Analytics is the new market. ‘Learning’ solutions are your best investment. Read about how one organization is using learning to become more efficient and effective - simultaneously.

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of marketers surveyed cite desire to create a single view of the customer as their top Customer Insight challenge.

Chances are, your business, customers, and challenges are global. An Attivio solution does more than solve an information problem – with a platform architected for globalization, it’s ready for enterprise-wide deployment. Featuring full analytic support for more than 40 languages, Attivio helps you achieve the consistency you’ve always wanted. And, Attivio’s platform is designed to leverage your existing IT standards, provide unparalleled security, and scale more economically.

Attivio’s integrating platform guarantees:

  • Agility that handles necessary differences, but enforce global standards
  • Compatibility with existing security and administrative protocols
  • Cost-efficient scalability, without degradation of performance or availability

As a platform that unifies and integrates data across legacy, desktop, and emerging data storage paradigms, Attivio provides the flexibility and adaptive control you need to provide a successful user experience – everywhere.

Unify your existing data and solution investments. Adapt your organization faster and at lower cost. To learn more about Attivio’s agile, enterprise platform, consult our Solution Brief.

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Channel Customer Insight To Drive Innovation

Attivio creates value four ways: 

  1. Enabling global deployment and impact,
  2. Increasing the information productivity of your customers and employees,
  3. Deploying rapidly and securely
  4. Increasing the certainty of your insights.

Attivio puts the benefits of integration, learning, and global reach at the heart of your Customer Insight solutions.

Unifying Customer Interactions

General Electric and UBS. What they have in common – both have created innovative solutions to deliver timely customer insight using Attivio. GE’s jet engines provide real-time telemetry, maintenance records, and manuals – unique to each GE Aviation customer. UBS delivers an integrated customer experience for institutional investors – across all assets and markets. Bringing value to customers – it’s what Attivio’s platform does best.

UBS Case Study

Data-driven Customer Obsession

National Instruments uses Attivio’s Advanced Customer Insight solution to power its entire product support and online store infrastructure for its customers. Employing advanced analytics and comprehensive product ontologies, they’ve created a customer experience that’s been instrumental in making the Austin-based firm a market leader.

National Instruments Case Study

Complete Market Intelligence

Cisco uses Attivio to provide specifically targeted product information to support direct and channel-based sales and marketing teams. Always up-to-date, available across all platforms, its SalesConnect solution has transformed both the effectiveness and the efficiency of their marketing organization – and improved the productivity and professionalism of their customer-facing audience.

Cisco Case Study

Watch a video demonstration of Attivio’s solution: Financial Services Customer 360 Demo

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Ask An Architect

Attivio maintains a team of experienced and friendly Solution Architects, who routinely advise and assist organizations developing their Attivio solutions. We’re confident you’ll ask for a sales representative when you’re organization is ready, but in the meantime, if you’d like to speak with one of our professional ‘smarties’ – they would be happy to discuss your needs and ways you might make your solutions smarter.

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