of Big Data decision–makers consider unstructured content valuable for BI

The problem that most organizations face with unstructured content is provisioning it for business intelligence applications, which are built for structured data. But if you can add structure to unstructured content via advanced text analytics techniques, you can then build unified models that include data and content, and provision them to BI and analytics tools.

To make text-based content analysis-ready, Attivio:

  • Mines text-based content, such as email, social posts, reports, customer call logs, contracts
  • Extracts insight, meaning, and sentiment from raw, unstructured sources
  • Adds semantic meaning to unstructured sources and includes them in a universal data catalog

Attivio unlocks the business value trapped in text-based sources of information by bringing structure to unstructured content – giving you a more complete view of the enterprise.

For more on the challenges of leveraging unstructured content for insights, read The Forrester Wave™: Big Data Text Analytics Platforms, Q2 2016.

Only one fourth of an organization’s unstructured data is used for analysis

Many companies are analyzing data to understand historical trends—what has already happened. They are not tapping into unstructured content – such as maintenance notes, customer chat logs, product reviews, social posts – to determine why patterns occur and predict when they may happen again.

With Attivio, text-based content is structured and prepared for BI tools, so you can:

  • Aggregate and correlate structured data with unstructured content
  • Detect previously hidden connections and relationships between disparate sources
  • Create a 360° view of the topic to analyze; whether it be the customer, the business, the product, or any other data-rich piece of the puzzle

The qualitative insights gleaned from unstructured content can transform processes from anecdotal to data-driven. With a complete view of all of your valuable data, you can make decisions with confidence.

Read the 5-Minute Guide to Unstructured Content to learn more about Attivio’s approach to leveraging valuable text-based assets for deeper analytical insights.

of an organization’s total information assets are unstructured

Companies that want to compete on analytics need to do with content what they already do with data—detect trends and patterns to find meaning. While analyzing data reveals insights about what customers do, analyzing unstructured content at scale provides a look into why they do it—their motivations, preferences, and intent. Together they produce actionable insights and more informed strategic decisions.

Attivio increases the IQ of your BI initiatives, by enabling you to:

  • Easily find and understand the best data for analytics from an enterprise data catalog of all information, structured and unstructured
  • Automatically build a shareable data model from the selected information sources
  • Instantly provision the model to your favorite BI or analytics tool

When structured and unstructured information is used together, the benefits are game-changing: transforming productivity, enabling executives to confidently seize opportunities and achieve global impact on revenue generation.

View the on-demand webcast “Enrich Customer Insights with Unstructured Data” to hear Forrester VP & Principal Analyst Boris Evelson outline best practices and technologies you can use today to turn more data – structured and unstructured – into actionable insights.


GE Aviation monitors the performance of jet engines.

With Attivio, they were able to correlate structured data on engine performance, semi-structured logs, and unstructured maintenance system notes entered by mechanics on iPads.

By optimizing predictive maintenance, they can more efficiently service their engines, and ensure higher levels of safety.

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