of FI’s report evidence gathering from non-integrated sources as a moderate-to-high driver of ‘false positive’ costs

The principal, economic cost of compliance is the time spent distinguishing ‘true’ and ‘false’ positive alerts. How are your investigators using their time to make those distinctions? Most organizations spend significantly more time gathering and organizing evidence than evaluating it. Attivio directly addresses the evidence gathering process, reducing the time unnecessarily spent at the beginning and end of the anti-money laundering investigation process.

Attivio’s AML Investigator solution:

  • Optimizes the evidence gathering process, letting machines handle routine, tedious tasks
  • Streamlines the preparation of case narratives – consistently documenting the pertinent evidence
  • Supports risk-based scoring to clarify and improve the case assignment process

Lowering the average time-to-disposition reduces the cost of compliance – today and in the future; Attivio uses a semantic compliance catalog to gather and organize every relevant piece of evidence, delivering a single-screen view to support assignment, investigation, and review.

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of surveyed FI’s cite inconsistency in business rules as a significant challenge

Normally, the challenges of hiring, training, and retaining staff really complicate compliance. Together, they can overshadow another challenge – achieving consistent, accurate results across your investigation team. Attivio’s solution explicitly incorporates your organization’s best-practices, reducing re-training costs and raising investigative accuracy.

Improve the accuracy of your AML investigation by:

  • Providing a true, 360-degree of evidence
  • Embedding investigation guidance and best-practice tips in every investigator’s screen
  • Reducing the natural variance that exists across investigators

Reducing costs and improving accuracy, simultaneously, Attivio delivers the benefits on both sides of every compliance coin.

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average likelihood that a suspicious transaction is ‘false positive'

Averages can be deceptive. But if two out of five anti-money laundering transaction alerts are likely to be false alarms, your compliance processes need to be faster and more agile. Attivio creates a comprehensive semantic compliance catalog that accelerates evidence gathering and case documentation – across AML and related compliance solutions.

With Attivio’s semantic compliance catalog, you:

  • Organize consistent data about cases for forensic review
  • Reinforce data-driven compliance culture and processes
  • Support cross-jurisdictional and evolving regulatory frameworks

Keeping pace with regulatory expectations, in a growing market, isn’t easy; Attivio’s AML integration solution provides the productivity of a coordinated evidence platform and the flexibility to adapt to new sources and regulations quickly.

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Reduce Your Cost of AML Compliance

Attivio tackles the processes of evidence gathering and narrative preparation – improving the efficiency and the accuracy of your anti-money laundering investigators.

Scale for growth cost-effectively, simplify complexity, and deliver consistent results – it’s time to transform AML compliance.


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Attivio’s AML Investigator is a perfect platform for organizations providing services for AML investigation. The reason is simple – Attivio integrates with any in-place collection of AML data and solutions. When organized by Attivio, your client’s AML evidence is centralized and evidence gathering is automated - you’re offering an unbeatable capability. Or, use Attivio to integrate evidence solutions across multiple compliance domains. Integrate complexity quickly and comprehensively.

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