ServiceNow® provides powerful capabilities to automate and instrument critical workflows within your organization. Now you can augument ServiceNow to ensure your employees and customers get the answers they seek, any time, from any touchpoint.

Employee needs IT support? Customer asks a FAQ? Employee looking for HR info? Consumerize key touchpoints across the organization with Elevate from Attivio and match the right answer to their query instantly, regardless of where the answer resides.

The same power and relevancy can be embedded into your IT fulfiller and agent workflows, elevating the proficiency of all your support resources.

With Attivio you can:
  • Improve the relevancy of answers delivered to employees and customers, by drawing on the best answers from across your organization and automatically learning over time

  • Increase the speed effectiveness of your IT fulfillers and agents by delivering precise answers to tickets immediately and in the context of their existing workflows

  • Immediately remedy gaps in your knowledge base using intelligent gap identification

Improve employee and customer satisfaction
Empower employees and customers to solve issues on their own by ensuring they can always find the answer. Make the experience effortless and continuously improving, creating happier employees and customers.
Increase adoption of ServiceNow
By ensuring the most relevant content is available to employees and customers within your ServiceNow interfaces, you can improve the adoption of ServiceNow within your organization.
Improve the ROI of your ServiceNow installation
Improve the stickiness and get more out of your ServiceNow modules, by continuously enhancing the capability and relevance of information surfaced in self-service portals and within support workflows.