Simplified User Experience

User-Centered Design to Empower Information Managers

From the end user's point of view, the search and discovery experience within the enterprise should be Google-like – even Siri-like. Simple. Intuitive. Answers, not a mere list of results.

Attivio’s cognitive search and discovery solutions present the most relevant answers within a highly personalized and intuitive UI that masks the sophisticated security calculations behind each query. And the responsive design supports all screen sizes and device types.

By streamlining the discovery process and automatically recommending relevant answers that others have found useful, Attivio’s user-centered design accelerates workflows and decision making.

User Experience Features


  • Attivio’s dynamic facet recommendations automatically and iteratively suggest the most relevant facets and their display order, ensuring that results are comprehensive and prioritized
  • Users easily navigate and drill-down by clicking on graphical displays
  • Personalization to broaden discovery without narrowing the experience
  • Device-specific optimization for the ideal human-computer interaction

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Attivio maintains a team of experienced and friendly Solution Architects, who routinely advise and assist organizations developing their Attivio solutions.