The Cognitive Search and Insight Platform

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Most enterprise information is scattered across hard-to-search silos. The Attivio Platform connects seamlessly to all information sources, structured or unstructured – from CRMs to content management systems to databases and file shares, and more.

By scanning actual metadata and intelligently adding inferred metadata, the platform builds a deep semantic understanding of the information sources and their interconnectedness. This dynamic, automated system easily onboards new sources and updates existing ones.


With a semantic understanding of the enterprise information sources and a full knowledge graph, the Attivio Platform has the foundation for delivering contextual responses to user queries. Machine learning and pattern matching techniques ensure that the system gets smarter over time, as users provide more behavioral information.

Natural language processing techniques enable the system to infer intent and meaning from a user query, and deliver a personalized answer.


The Attivio Platform handles the most complex, mission-critical business requirements with a scalable, reliable platform that can be deployed on your existing infrastructure. With a full suite of APIs across all aspects of the system, Attivio offers complete extensibility and easy integration with your technology. The enterprise-class security system handles the most complex requirements and integrates with all enterprise systems.


From implementation through ongoing support, Attivio stands by the success of its customer initiatives. The Attivio Platform was designed to gracefully handle the most complex customer