OEM Partners

Information-intensive applications require a big data search platform to efficiently unify and enrich data and content. Attivio’s platform is built to power these big data applications.

With Attivio you get a single, enterprise-class platform which can support multiple OEM solutions. Attivio’s Hadoop-based architecture, extensive APIs, pre-built data source connectors, non-English language support, and support for both a Google-like search experience and SQL queries combine for a much more efficient development cycle compared to building with open source components.

Embedding Attivio’s platform in your big data applications correlates and ties together unstructured content with structured data and makes the insights derived from all your data more pervasive across the organization.

As an OEM Partner you get:

  • A dedicated Partner Engineering Resource
  • Access to the Partner Portal for product, sales, and marketing materials
  • Access to Attivio University online training

Attivio has a proven track record as an OEM provider to both global technology leaders as well as emerging technology companies. Your company could be next.

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