Dell EMC’s Analytic Insights Module

Analytic Insights Module is designed to meet the growing needs of today’s enterprises by combining self-service data analytics with cloud-native application development into a single cloud platform. It empowers organizations to transform data into actionable insights with high business value in weeks rather than months. To accomplish this, Dell EMC created an open platform designed to address the full analytics lifecycle through key components: Data Curator, Data Governor, Data and Analytics Catalog, Personalized Workspaces.

Dell EMC Analytic Insights Module


Attivio Embedded in the Data Curator and Data & Analytics Catalog

The Data Curator component, which embeds the Attivio Semantic Data Catalog, builds on the value of the integrated EMC Data Lake by providing a single view of ALL discovered, indexed and curated data sets both within the Data Lake and selected external sources. It enables data analysts to easily find relationships in structured and unstructured information across disparate sources and quickly create virtual data models to share with other data scientists, and provision those data models directly into a Data Lake.

The Data Governor component provides data lineage and end-to-end security at the data layer, supporting the reuse of trusted data across the organization – published through the Data and Analytics Catalog, which embeds the Attivio Data Unification Platform.

“The Attivio Data Unification Platform is a secure, agile foundation that easily integrates into powerful cloud platforms like Analytic Insights Module without requiring extensive customization.“ - Stephen Baker, CEO, Attivio


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