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Our partners and Fortune 500 clients rely on us to drive innovation, operational efficiencies, and improve business outcomes. Our solutions provide industry-leading natural language processing, machine learning, analytics, and knowledge graphing capabilities at scale. Attivio provides immediate visibility to all the right information so you can help your customers boost their enterprise’s IQ, make better decisions company-wide, and seize every opportunity.

Semantic Data Catalog

Partner with Attivio and help your customers find and understand their data

There’s more information scattered across today’s enterprise than any one person can grasp. With Attivio, you can effortlessly search all of your information, regardless of where it lives – in a data warehouse, a data lake, a file share, on third party servers, or elsewhere. Download the Semantic Layer Datasheet.

Find the right information

The Attivio Semantic Data Catalog accelerates data discovery, with:

  • An easy search for data sources from all of the information your organization possesses – not just the data sitting in known databases
  • The ability to unify disparate sources into a data model
  • Instant provisioning of data into your BI or advanced analytics tool Learn more about how you can OEM or resell the Semantic Data Catalog.

The Attivio Platform

Immediate visibility

While enterprise architects struggle with current search technologies to tune relevance, add new sources, and enforce security, end users spend more time looking for the right information than actually analyzing it. As a result, decisions typically wind up being made based only on the information that is easy to access – usually just structured data - versus using all the right information from across the enterprise as the basis.

The Attivio difference:

  • Immediate Visibility - Break down silos to instantly access all the right information
  • Automatic Enrichment - Infer meaning and reveal relationships across your information
  • Enterprise Platform - Secure, scalable foundation for global deployments of domain-specific applications, while enforcing rigorous standards for performance, scalability, and usability
  • Proven Execution - Achieve quickest time to value, from implementation through ongoing support

Partner with the leader in Cognitive Search and Insight

Attivio’s cognitive search and insight solutions provide industry-leading natural language processing, machine learning, analytics, and knowledge graphing capabilities at scale to help you drive innovation, operational efficiencies, and improved business outcomes enterprise-wide.


  • Natural Language Processing: Improves human-computer interactions to accelerate knowledge discovery and collaboration.
  • Machine Learning: Provides improved context for decisions through continuous updating of actions taken.
  • Text Analytics: Extracts content and metadata from 500+ formats, detect and index entities, and extract key phrases to automatically surface insights in massive volumes of unstructured content.
  • Active Security: Provides real-time document & field-level security to meet the most complex security needs. A patented, best-in-class approach to security.

Become a Partner

Our partners are an extension of our team and we work hard to ensure you have the tools, training, and resources you need to develop, implement, and market best-in-class data-driven solutions for your customers. Attivio provides a range of partner benefits including technical enablement, marketing, and sales resources, incentives, and more.

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