Our partners are an extension of our team and we work hard to ensure you have the tools, training, and resources you need to develop, implement, and market best-in-class data-driven solutions for your customers.

Attivio provides a range of partner benefits including technical enablement, marketing, and sales resources, incentives, and more.



“Attivio helps unify data and content. Without a tool like Attivio, you are trying to cross a chasm. When you are analyzing structured data alone, you can answer what happened. Adding unstructured content gives the context to answer why something happened, and how. This sets the foundation for predictive analytics.” Phil Unger, CEO


"In the life sciences industry, leveraging a complete view of clinical trial information is critical. Attivio helps us transform R&D productivity, better predict experimental success, and expedite analysis of trial information for our customers”. - Karen Madden, President, Informatics


“Attivio’s semantic data catalog helps our customers understand all the information stored in Hadoop, with the right security and governance. Together we help organizations more effectively break down information silos and unify the information stored in legacy data platforms." - Matthew Morgan, VP Product Marketing & Alliances at Hortonworks


“Attivio provides an important complement to Cloudera Enterprise, with the ability to quickly find and unify data. Together we help organizations get more value from their information, by offering agile data management solutions that power ad hoc analytics.” - Tim Stevens, VP, Corporate and Business Development

Listen in as we outline our approach to educating and enabling our partners to grow with us.

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