Hortonworks Certifies Attivio to Provide Enterprises with Deeper Insight into their Complete Data Landscape

Attivio is the first to enable governance of structured and unstructured data inside and outside Hadoop; Also achieves product integration certification for security, and YARN

Attivio, the Data Dexterity Company(TM), today announced that the Attivio platform achieved certification on the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP®), and three additional product integration badges for governance, security, and YARN. Attivio is an early adopter of the Hortonworks Governance Ready program. With this certification, enterprises, especially those in financial services and manufacturing, can bring Attivio’s content analytics, entity analysis, and data source discovery closer to the data they need to run their business.  

“The impetus for these integrations was customer demand, indicating a broad market trend that Attivio is taking a leadership role in,” said Stephen Baker, Attivio CEO. “This integration with Hortonworks offers organizations the security and governance they require, and the agility to unify disparate data – structured and unstructured – at scale.”

Making All Enterprise Data Available for Data-Driven Decisions

Attivio Data Source Discovery automatically builds a semantic data catalog of all enterprise data, inside and outside of Hadoop. Attivio’s advanced text mining and text analytics capabilities enable organizations to unify their unstructured information, such as emails, documents, social posts, and log files, with their structured data to make data-driven decisions based on a comprehensive view of their business.

“The Attivio platform brings high-value solutions to the Hortonworks Data Platform,” said Matthew Morgan, VP Product Marketing & Alliances at Hortonworks. “Their semantic data catalog will help our common customers understand all the information stored in Hadoop, with the right security and governance. Jointly we will help organizations to more effectively break down information silos and unify the information stored in legacy data platforms with Hortonworks Data Platform with the common business language."

Certifications for Apache Atlas, YARN and Security Make Hadoop Enterprise-Ready

Along with the base certification on the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), Attivio earned additional badges for product integration:

  • Governance Ready: Now certified on Apache Atlas, Attivio enables Hadoop to exchange metadata with tools and processes both inside and outside of the Hadoop stack. This makes it easier for companies to effectively address compliance requirements across all of their data.
  • YARN Ready: With certification on YARN, Attivio’s products can now operate directly in Hadoop without going through external tools. This improves both resource management and facilitates cost management.
  • Security Ready: The key to being a true enterprise application is powerful security. Attivio’s full platform is now certified to work with Kerberos, Apache Knox, and Apache Ranger, providing greater security for all enterprise data.

While Hadoop has increased its importance to the enterprise, many enterprises struggle to connect it with legacy data sources. To avoid making Hadoop another data silo, enterprises look to Attivio to understand all of their data, modern and legacy, through a single viewpoint. With this certification, which applies to the full Attivio platform, including the Data Source Discovery and Text Analytics solutions, Attivio enables Hadoop to form the core of a flexible data architecture that encompasses all of an organization's information.

The ability to understand and analyze text-based information at scale and to correlate that unstructured content with structured data sources are major drivers of Attivio’s customer risk and compliance initiatives, in particular, including anti-money laundering, eCommunications Surveillance, and Know Your Customer. Forrester Research recently named Attivio a leader in its report, The Forrester Wave™: Big Data Text Analytics Platforms, Q2 2016.

Attivio will demonstrate the Hortonworks product integrations at the Hadoop Summit in San Jose, California, June 28-30.

About Attivio

Attivio, the Data Dexterity Company, provides software that empowers its customers to get their hands on the right data and to work with it to quickly get it to the point of informing decisions.  Attivio releases the untapped value within enterprise information ecosystems. Many of the world's leading brands rely on Attivio to gain immediate visibility into all of their information, not just the data sitting in known databases. Attivio’s data obsession means that customers don't just manage their data; they achieve true Data Dexterity to crush deadlines, transform productivity, achieve global impact, and act with certainty. For more information, please visit www.attivio.com


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