Attivio Earns Patent for Dynamic System Updates

New Patent Adds to Big Data Company’s Arsenal of Seven for its Core Technology

NEWTON, Mass., August 2, 2016 – Attivio, the Data Dexterity Company™, secured a patent that changes how companies can update their production systems, thereby enabling Attivio customers to update systems dynamically, without slowing down the big data analysis that is key to modern business. Attivio now has seven patents for its technology.

US Patent #9,367,301 B1 titled, “Dynamic Update of a Distributed Messaging Processing System,” makes it possible to pass updated software into a network of computers, even as they continue with analysis of key data sets.

This latest patented technology makes it possible to update a distributed system without resorting to extensive downtime or rolling updates. What’s more, it enables this to happen automatically, without the need for developers or operations personnel to get involved in the process. 

Most of Attivio’s patents deal with searching and accessing data across distributed systems. Key among the previously granted patents is one focused on ad hoc joining of structured data and unstructured content across distributed systems. The patent, called, “Querying Joined Data Within a Search Engine Index,” enables the Attivio Platform to make connections at query time, without prior data modeling. 

These patents provide unique differentiation in Attivio’s core platform technology, the foundation for its data catalog, enterprise search, and text analytics solutions.

“This latest patent further signifies Attivio’s technology leadership in the big data, analytics, and search market spaces,” said Martin Serrano, Chief Architect at Attivio. “It allows system updates to happen without operations people having to get involved, reducing the costs associated with update planning for Attivio’s customers.”

Attivio has been using this technology as part of its baseline systems for three years.


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