Attivio Earns Patent for Automatic Join Finder

Technology Enables Attivio Semantic Data Catalog Customers to Quickly Build Data Models across Disparate Data Sources

Attivio, the Data Dexterity Company™, secured a patent for its Semantic Data Catalog that automatically finds relationships between data sources to create a fully connected virtual data model. This is Attivio’s ninth patent.

US patent # 9507824 B2, titled, “Automated creation of join graphs for unrelated data sets among relational databases,” represents a unique and highly valuable feature of the Attivio Semantic Data Catalog. The catalog samples a large number of data sources, adds a semantic layer as it scans the information, and uses that understanding to build a graph of possible relationships between all sources. When customers create a virtual data mart of selected data sources, the patented join finder recommends linkages or additional tables necessary to complete the data mart.

“The join finder is game-changing functionality for data professionals,” said Will Johnson, Attivio CTO and Co-Founder. “It enables customers to automatically build data marts from disparate sources in minutes, where it took hours or days to do this manually. Our customers get more value from their data because their data integration processes become so agile by using our catalog.”

The Attivio Semantic Data Catalog helps customers find, understand, and unify disparate data sources across all enterprise silos to accelerate analytics and insights.

The automatic join finder has been available in the Attivio Semantic Data Catalog since it was launched. This is Attivio’s first patent for the data catalog, solidifying its position as a leader in this technology space.

To see how the join finder works, read this blog post.


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