Best Practices in Data Discovery

An Agile Path from Big Data to Business Intelligence

Advances in agile data storage have made it more cost effective to store enormous volumes of data. At the same time, expanded access to BI and visualization tools drives greater demand for data. Supply of and demand for data are growing explosively, but the process of getting data sources to data consumers is largely manual and hindered by bottlenecks.

How does your organization manage the process of finding and understanding disparate data sources?

Listen in to this recorded webcast featuring Dave Stodder, Director of TDWI Research for Business Intelligence, and Greg Goldsmith, Attivio’s Chief Product Officer, for a presentation on trends and best practices in Smart Data Discovery. Some of the topics include:

  • The difference between agile data discovery and the single source of truth paradigm
  • Why end users’ expectations have changed with regard to data discovery
  • How companies can leverage big data and analytics to gain competitive advantage

Best Practices in Data Discovery

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