TDWI Best Practices Report

Improving Data Preparation for Business Analysis

There’s a reason organizations are talking about the challenges of data preparation. IT is struggling to get business users the relevant data they need for analysis and business users are demanding self-service tools to speed up the process. Both have the same challenge - sifting through the volumes of disparate data sources, structured and unstructured, to find the data they need.

It’s time to focus improvements on reducing the time required to find and prepare data.

Download the new TDWI Best Practices Report, “Improving Data Preparation for Business Analysis” to learn:

  • Why proper data preparation is critical to the data analysis process
  • How a semantic data catalog can help overcome the challenges related to data preparation
  • Best practices for leveraging self-service technologies and supporting data governance
  • Tips to integrate data preparation with business intelligence tools and processes

Packed with insights, this report shows you how to work with the trusted data you need making you agile and productive.

Download the Report