Unify Data Across Silos

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Smart organizations understand that data-driven decision making drives competitive differentiation. But treating data as a strategic asset is challenging when it’s located in a wide range of applications and repositories across the organization, some of it hidden from view, some of it duplicated.

The key is to provide the best tools to the right teams. The right tools enable:

  • IT to create a universal semantic catalog of all data
  • Data Stewards to make the right data connections and create virtual data models
  • Citizen Analysts to use data models or quickly create their own to use in BI tools
  • The CDO to shift the data center to an analytics center that proactively exploits data and drives greater value.

Download Unify Data Across Silos to better understand the challenges and opportunities the CDO, IT, data stewards and citizen analysts have in maximizing the value of data and delivering insightful business analytics that drive competitive differentiation.

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