The Missing Link between Big Data and Business Intelligence

Empower Your Analytics with Self-Service Data Discovery

If your organization is going to win on analytics, it needs to treat its information as a strategic enterprise asset. This includes not just the 10% you know exists, but the 90% of dark data that hides in information silos. There are big challenges on the path to surfacing all of your enterprise information for business intelligence:

  • Data Gathering Is Slow. Data consumers spend more time looking for data than they do actually analyzing the data.
  • Information Is Incomplete. Organizational data is often siloed, resulting in missed data points that could be critical to making the best decisions or uncovering key opportunities.
  • Bottlenecks. Data analysts don’t have the tools to get the data they need, so they have to make requests to IT. IT doesn’t have the business context, so they struggle to deliver the data sets. The biggest challenge is not in storing data, or in analyzing it.

The biggest challenge is finding the right data. Download the eBook to learn how to reduce the time between getting data and delivering business analytics.

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