Smarter Search and Deeper Insights

Companies in the life sciences have unique opportunities to leverage AI-powered search for innovation. In the article The Amazing Ways How Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Is Used In Healthcare, Bernard Marr notes:

“One report from McKinsey estimates big data could save medicine and pharma up to $100B annually as a result of improved efficiencies in clinical trials and research, better insight for decision-making and new tools that will help insurers, regulators, physicians and consumers make better decisions.”

Life sciences organizations process massive amounts of siloed data, from internal and external sources. By harnessing this disparate information, companies in the life sciences can:

  • Accelerate scientific research
  • Enable comprehensive drug discovery
  • Empower sales teams with a complete view of customer interactions and product information

Cognitive, AI-powered search combines technologies such as natural language processing, text analytics, machine learning, and knowledge graphing, to deliver the answers and insights that help drive innovation for research-focused organizations.