A Comprehensive View of Information Across Channels

AI technologies offer many opportunities for financial services firms, who, when able to exploit their massive data repositories, can better detect fraud, meet regulatory obligations, and improve the customer experience.

“In financial services … there are clear benefits from improved accuracy and speed in AI-optimized fraud-detection systems.”

McKinsey's State Of Machine Learning And AI, 2017

Attivio’s solutions help financial services companies deliver:

  • Outstanding customer support, with an omnichannel view of every interaction customers have with your organization.
  • Comprehensive research portals, by harnessing massive amounts of financial research and expertise to drive better decision making
  • Support for risk avoidance, with comprehensive, scalable, and automated monitoring of communications across every channel.

Cognitive, AI-powered search combines technologies such as natural language processing, text analytics, machine learning, and knowledge graphing, to deliver the answers and insights that help drive innovation for financial services organizations.