Attivio is the leading Cognitive Search and Insight Platform
Our mission is to increase the intelligence of every enterprise through cognitive search and insight solutions.

Key Platform Features

The Attivio Platform

Attivio Co-Founder and CTO explains Attivio in 47 seconds

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The Cognitive Step - How Search Will Improve

Download Attivio’s The Cognitive Step – How Search Will Improve for a comprehensive review of how search is evolving to be more cognitive. Learn how and why technologies as machine learning, text analytics, and natural language processing make the cognitive search revolution certain.

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How Cognitive Search Uses Machine Learning

Machine learning works behind the scenes to drive improved relevance and better context for cognitive search. Download the Five-Minute Guide to Machine Learning to learn how this translates to better productivity for your business.

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Attivio maintains a team of experienced and friendly Solution Architects, who routinely advise and assist organizations developing their Attivio solutions.