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How To Filter Self-Service Assist Content

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By default, Elevate's Self-Service Assist includes all Knowledge Base content. Your ServiceNow administrator can configure Self-Service Assist to either limit the content to only specific knowledge bases or expand it to include external knowledge. 

Limiting Self-Service Assist to Specific Knowledge Bases

  1. Go to Elevate ITSM or Elevate CSM > Self-Service Assist > Setup & Configuration.
  2. Click on the Elevate CSM Self Service Portal record.
  3. Edit the value of Data sources field and set it to a comma-separated list of values in the format [Knowledge Base - ] + [Knowledge Base name]. For example, say your ServiceNow instance has knowledge bases named "IT", "Knowledge" and "Social QA" and you wish to limit Self-Service Assist to only the last two, you would set the Data sources field to Knowledge Base - Knowledge, Knowledge Base - Social QA
  4. Click Update.

Including External Knowledge in Self-Service Assist

See How To Add External Knowledge for instructions on including external knowledge.

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