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Elevate Documentation

How To Add External Knowledge



Elevate can enrich the self-service, IT fulfiller or CSM agent experiences by drawing from the full wealth of corporate information, not just what’s stored in the ServiceNow knowledge base. Unify knowledge from across your enterprise, including Sharepoint, databases, cloud services, and more. 

Getting Started

Attivio can ingest content from websites, content management systems, document management systems, email systems, file systems, and can use SQL to read records from most common databases. In addition, Attivio provides an easily-extensible connector API to handle customized integration with virtually any repository. Attivio can read over 500 file formats, which include nearly every kind of document you would normally find on a computer file system. 

With the proper supporting modules, Attivio can ingest, analyze, index and search documents in forty-five languages. This includes documents that include multiple languages, such as Chinese documents with embedded English text.

To add connectors to third-party sources, contact Attivio.

Once your external content has been ingested, Attivio will provide a list of datasource values which can be used to configure the Elevate applications following the instructions below.

Populating the External Knowledge Tab

  1. Go to Elevate ITSM  > Fulfiller Assist > Setup & Configuration or Elevate CSM  > Agent Assist > Setup & Configuration.
  2. Click on the incident record.
  3. Click on the External Knowledge record.
  4. On the Ticket Related Results tab, edit the following line of code to replace the placeholder.datasource value with the value(s) provided by Attivio.

    var sourcesArray = ["placeholder.datasource"];
  5. Repeat the previous step on the Topic Related Results tab.
  6. Click Update.

Including External Knowledge in Self-Service Assist

  1. Go to Elevate ITSM or Elevate CSM > Self-Service Assist > Setup & Configuration.
  2. Click on the Elevate CSM Self Service Portal record.
  3. Edit the value of Data sources field and set it to the value provided by Attivio.
  4. Click Update.

What's Next?