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Elevate CSM Installation

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Elevate applications require that the Explicit Roles plugin be installed in your ServiceNow instance prior to installation.

Getting Started

Once your Elevate trial has been approved and you've received your activation email, Elevate CSM will be available to install in your ServiceNow instance. The Elevate Connector application supports the other 3 apps and should also be installed.

Click the Install button next to eElevate CSM by Attivio to install.


Agent Assist

Agent Assist does exactly what its name suggests – assists the CSM agent in closing cases faster and more reliably.

Agent Assist is a widget that embeds into the CSM Agent workflow and uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to recommend actions the CSM Agent should take to address the issue and close the case faster. In addition, Agent Assist includes an intelligent search to provide ad-hoc natural language querying.

Getting Started with Agent Assist

Execute the following steps to configure and Elevate CSM to the CSM Agent workflow.

  1. Ensure a healthy and active Attivio Endpoint is configured under Elevate Connector > Configuration > Settings & Configuration > Connectors.
  2. Open a Case.
  3. Right click the header.
  4. Click on Configure and then Form Layout.
  5. From the Available menu choose Elevate CSM by Attivio and move it to the Selected menu. Place Elevate CSM by Attivio under Short Description
  6. Move Contextual Search Results from the Selected menu to the Available menu.
  7. Click Save.
  8. You’re ready to witness the benefits of Elevate CSM Agent Assist!
  9. Repeat the above steps for each of the additional Case forms below:
  • Order Case


Elevate CSM comes with pre-configured tabs for Agent Assist. To configure these tabs you can go to Agent Assist -> Setup & Configuration and edit the tabs.

You can change the order of the tabs by changing value of the Order field.

Agent Assist is configured by default on the Incidents and Problems tables.


Self-Service Assist

Your customers don’t want to hang on the phone or in the inbox queue while waiting for someone to answer their question. Elevate CSM Self-Service Assist helps CSM teams increase their customer satisfaction by empowering customers to solve problems on their own, by delivering more precise answers via the self-service portal.

Elevate CSM Self-Service Assist uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand user queries and intent, and applies machine-learning relevancy models that continuously learn and refine results to deliver the most precise answer, every time.

Elevate Self-Service Assist comes with a pre-built template for quick development as well as standalone Portal widgets, which can be placed in any Search page for an improved end-user experience.

Getting Started with Self-Service Assist

Execute the following steps to configure and Elevate CSM to the CSM Agent workflow.

  1. Ensure a healthy and active Attivio Endpoint is configured under Elevate Connector > Configuration > Settings & Configuration > Connectors.

  2. Go to Service Portal -> Pages.
  3. Click on elevate_csm_search.
  4. On the top right click Clone Page.
  5. Give it a new Title and ID and click Update.
  6. Click Try it.
  7. You’re done! 

If you want to edit the widgets go to Service Portal -> Service Portal Configuration -> Designer and edit the page you just created.

Adding Elevate CSM Self-Assist Widgets

You can add individual widgets to your portal. To do so just go to Service Portal Designer, search for ‘Elevate CSM’ in the Filter Widget and just drag and drop the desired widgets to your portal page.


External Data Sources

This app includes the connector for ServiceNow. To add connectors to third-party sources, contact Attivio.


For help and support, contact Attivio Support.

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