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Elevate Documentation

Elevate Connector


The Elevate Connector enables the unification of ServiceNow information across various modules and tables, so it can be immediately available in search. It also allows content from external sources such as Sharepoint, Box, file shares, Google Drive,  and more to be integrated with ServiceNow content. This gives your users access to the most relevant content, no matter where it resides in the organization.

Getting Started

See Elevate Connector Installation for how to get Elevate up and running.


Attivio Endpoint – this is your Attivio instance, as received in the approval email

Attivio Connectors – definition of the data sources to be indexed by Attivio


Attivio comes with pre-configured connectors. Once the endpoint is configured, you’ll see the following list of preconfigured connectors.

  • Companies
  • Group Membership
  • Knowledge
  • User Groups
  • Users

The Connectors table lists the various tables that will be indexed by Attivio and are available to be included in search. Click on a specific table name to review and edit its details if needed.

Connectors that had a successful run will be marked as ‘Healthy = true’.

To view the Connector’s progress and troubleshoot any issues, you can click on the Connector name and scroll down to the Data Transfer Jobs section. Here you can see all of the jobs created by the connector.

When the Percent Complete reaches 100%, the connector is finished transferring data and the next scheduled connector will create data transfer jobs.

External Data Sources

This app includes the connector for ServiceNow. To add connectors to third-party sources, contact Attivio.


For help and support, contact Attivio Support.

What's Next?