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Cognitive Search and Insight on CMS Connected

A full 40% of search applications search only unstructured information when gathering data for business intelligence. Do you trust that you’re getting complete and accurate answers to your search inquiries?

Join Attivio in a special episode of CMS Connected filmed onboard the Liberty fleet of classic ships in the Boston Harbor. CMS Connected hosts Tyler Pyburn and Scott Liewehr interview Attivio Chief Marketing Officer, Lou Jordano, about how Cognitive Search and Insight technology can provide organizations with that accurate visibility they crave, giving them a competitive edge and arming them with the information they need to succeed.

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3 Ways to Bridge the Data Discovery Gap

You understand that data is the lifeblood of innovation and competitive differentiation. The key is to get the right data into the hands of business analysts when they need it. Sounds simple in theory, but challenges abound. However, for every challenge enterprises face surfacing and connecting the right data, there is an answer.

Let me explain:

From Process Bottlenecks to Busting Bottlenecks

For any data gathering process to work well, business and IT must be aligned. When they aren’t on the same page, when there needs to be a continual back and forth discussion about what data is needed, there is a bottleneck. IT doesn’t know what the data means, business analysts and data stewards don’t necessarily know what data is there.

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Enterprise Search: It’s All About Time to Insight

Enterprise search is back in the news—with a twist. Companies that really want to accelerate their results with BI and Big Data are looking to enterprise search as a way to help business analysts quickly find the data they need. Note that I said “data,” not information. Enterprise search has always been thought of as a way to find unstructured content in file shares like SharePoint. But now, it’s being applied to strucutured data as well. And if a search solution can combine data with unstructured content so much the better.

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SEC-registered investment advisors would have to comply

Banks, mutual fund, insurance and security dealers share an affirmative obligation to comply with anti-laundering regulations by identifying their customers and reporting significant (over $10,000) transactions. In a proposed rule change announced yesterday, Treasury would extend monitoring and reporting requirements to all investment advisors, including hedge fund and private equity advisors, as well.   For an estimated 10,900-registered advisory firms, the proposed regulation will mean, at a minimum, two things… read on.

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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines 2019
Attivio was recognized for our completeness in vision and ability to execute.