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Democratization Will Strike Again

Work in or with technology much and you’re likely to know the impact that the forces of democratization can accomplish.  Broadening the effective population that can perform an essential task – without resorting to agency or hand-holding – has been at the heart of most business ‘disruptions’ of the Internet Era.  There’s an emerging dynamic in the convergence of Big Data and democratized access to data analytic tools, like Tableau.

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Flipping the BI Model

Pundits who focus on BI and Big Data consistently estimate that roughly two-thirds of any BI initiative is spent profiling and identifying the data that will be used for analysis.  As a recovering data analyst – “Hi, my name is Lee.  I’m a statistician” – I appreciate their focus on the most time-consuming element in living the quantitative dream. 

But the statistic reminded me of another situation where advances in technology are changing the way things traditionally happen.  In educational circles, the latest technology-induced change is termed “flipping the classroom”.  Flipping reverses the focus of classroom and out-of-classroom activity – students use technology to master core material before each class and (precious) classroom time is spent applying and discussing what they’ve learned.

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Forrester Wave Heralds the Future of Search

How Enterprise Search and Big Data Find Common Purpose

Forrester’s 2015 Wave on Search and Knowledge-based Discovery is out, offering a fresh perspective on the evolution of search-based applications.  We are pleased that Forrester designated Attivio as a Leader in this category and that the evolution described suggests an important connection between next-generation search and the opportunities of Big Data.

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Can Big Data Be Frictionless?

If you’re currently waiting for data to analyze or you’re working to find data for a colleague – you’re familiar with one of the productivity challenges associated with getting BI from Big Data.  Finding the right information and provisioning it for analysis and decision-making constitutes a real bottleneck for many organizations.

Friction = Pain

Investments in data lakes and data warehouses - absent tools for analysts and data managers to identify and connect to specific, contextually appropriate data elements – create data friction.  And the friction causes real pain.  In a nutshell, it slows analysis, inhibits complete insight, and produces bottlenecks between BI and IT teams.

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A lot of enterprises have already invested a lot of money in Big Data. But how are these investments panning out? Not so well according to Gartner, who estimates a failure rate of close to 60 percent.

As I pointed out in Solving the Big Data Abandonment Problem, organizations face two significant stumbling blocks to Big Data ROI. The first is a lack of alignment between business and IT stakeholders on objectives, roles, and resources. Ideally, business provides the context; they know the right questions to ask. And IT delivers the technical infrastructure—the data and analytical tools.


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In a recent Inc. magazine article, 6 Easily Adaptable Habits of Highly Effective Managers, Attivio CEO Stephen Baker discussed constant coaching as key to his leadership role.

I followed Inc.’s lead and interviewed Stephen, but instead of discussing management, I asked about what’s happening in Attivio’s market space and the role we are playing.

6 Easily Adaptable Habits of Highly Effective Managers, Inc. Magazine

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Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Heralds UIA

How Search-Based Applications Are Changing Enterprise Search

Gartner’s 2015 Enterprise Search Magic Quadrant documents the arrival of a new generation of search-based applications – leaving behind the ‘single search box’ and the contextual, but unscalable search app.  With its arrival in the Leader quadrant, Attivio signals the market’s shift to a unified search platform capable of supporting an unlimited number of context-aware applications – at enterprise scale.  Why?

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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines 2019
Attivio was recognized for our completeness in vision and ability to execute.