Your ServiceNow Experience Before and After Elevate HR

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As with customers, the employees’ experience with your company is a journey and that journey is infused with many HR interactions. Each of those is an opportunity to delight your employees and make their work day a little easier. As an employer, you want to help your employees find the information they need when they need it, from onboarding to benefits, company policies and major life events.

Research has found that, when employees don’t feel empowered with the right information, they are 450% more likely to leave their job. That’s not good!

For many organizations the information needed to solve employee issues and answer questions resides in many different systems, much of it unstructured data from applications like SharePoint, Workday, text files, call notes, emails, and chat transcripts. Finding the right answers at the right time is time-consuming, and results can be confusing or fruitless. The employee default is usually a call to HR. This requires HR professionals to step in for even routine questions, wasting time for employees, and lowering productivity for both.

Elevate™ HR delivers AI-powered answers and insights into ServiceNow®, empowering your employees to quickly find HR information, while freeing up HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives rather than spending their valuable time fielding routine queries.

Take a look at an all too common employee/HR interaction and learn how unifying disparate sources of information into ServiceNow makes finding answers fast and easy, improving employee satisfaction and productivity.

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