Why you need to choose Elevate for ServiceNow

10 reasons why companies choose Elevate for ServiceNow

Organizations implement ServiceNow for many reasons, whether it’s to get more productivity from IT, provide better customer service, or they are looking to personalize the employee experience.

ServiceNow now can do all these things and more, but for a company to work better for their employees and customers, it can be a tough climb to the top. Elevate for ServiceNow was designed to make that journey a bit easier by enhancing the ServiceNow experience and providing AI-powered answers and insights along the way.

Today’s employees are looking for a similar consumerized experience they get at home, at work. The problem is in many cases this experience falls short. The standards set by Google, Apple, and Amazon and the experiences they deliver need to be replicated when seeking support in the workplace. Being able to deliver the right resolution into your employees’ and agent/fulfillers’ hands – no matter where that answer resides – will help drive down mean time to resolution (MTTR), increase call deflection, and improve employee satisfaction.

Why should you chose Elevate for ServiceNow?

Increase agent/fulfiller call deflection

- Swap in Elevate’s intelligent search capability into your ServiceNow powered self-service portal empowering users to solve issues on their own

Quick and Easy Access to AI Technologies Like Machine Learning and NLP

- Elevate extends your ServiceNow experience, unifying & and enriching enterprise data, and applying advanced AI technologies like machine learning and natural language processing to ensure the right answer is delivered, every time.

Designed to work with you existing ServiceNow workflows

- Elevate is tightly integrated with ServiceNow ITSM, CSM and HR modules allowing for an enhanced user experience for today's modern organizations.

To see more reasons, check out our latest infographic, Top 10 Reasons Why Companies Choose Elevate for ServiceNow and see if you agree!

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