What Does an End-to-End Solution Look Like in Big Data?

Dell EMC and Attivio Join Forces"So close and yet so far. That is often what it’s like when you’re trying to wrangle big data trapped in siloes and extract valuable business insights." Patti Mizulo made this observation in her blog post Power of Choice and Collaboration Liberates Data Analytics.

With the release of the Dell EMC™ Analytic Insights Module, enterprises now have a platform that can address the full analytics lifecycle. Analytic Insights Module is engineered to combine self-service data analytics with cloud-native application development into a single cloud platform, eliminating the months it takes to build your own.

But Turck's point is still worth considering. First, because it's taken a while for the market to get there. And, because the Analytic Insights Module is an open platform—designed to incorporate best-of-breed, third-party components.

The Dell EMC solution is not cut from the same cloth as legacy enterprise suites like enterprise resource planning. Those one-vendor behemoths are in the twilight of their careers. Most are being replaced by what Gartner calls "postmodern applications," a set of loosely coupled highly specialized components—mostly cloud-based—from multiple vendors that can be easily configured and reconfigured to meet business demands. The fact that this speed and agility require a fine touch with integration is another story.

The Big Data Ecosystem is Messy

Let's face it; the Big Data ecosystem is not mature or stable. It's an incubator of emerging technologies. Many will fail. Some will thrive. Most of those that do will end up playing a contributing role in someone's much larger vision.

What platform players do today is select and "stress test" a set of applications that are OEM friendly with open APIs. That's why Attivio's Semantic Data Catalog was chosen as a "Data Curator" for the Analytic Insights Module. A data catalog is an essential component of a modern data architecture. And the Attivio catalog is definitely OEM friendly. Its architecture is open, scalable, and API-accessible, which makes for secure and seamless integration with other systems.

Our data catalog federates disparate data sources—structured, semi-structured, and unstructured—from any type of data storage. That's a big deal in any end-to-end Big Data solution, and a must for delivering self-service data discovery.

To find out more about the Attivio/Dell EMC collaboration, read the press release.

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