Webinar Recap: The Case for Intelligent Search in the Enterprise

We polled the attendees for the KMWorld webinar, The Case for Intelligent Search in Today's Enterprise, about their experience of search in their organizations, and more than half (56.5%) said they’d rate it a 1 or 2 out of 5, where five was the greatest experience.  Only 13% rated their work-related search experiences 4 or 5. This mirrors what we hear day in and day out – the experience of finding answers at work is broken, compared with our experiences as consumers where we rely on Google or Siri/Alexa to get answers fast.  In fact, 45% of companies are planning to replace their search technology within 3 years. 

However, Intelligent Search can help bridge that gap.

During the webinar, we reviewed the eight critical requirements of an Intelligent Search platform, including robust data ingestion, NLP & text analytics, dynamic content unification, and machine-learning based relevancy.

Source: Attivio

Brian Flynn, Attivio’s Director of Solutions Architecture, also shared some of the successes very large organizations have experienced from Intelligent Search:

  • Cisco’s use of Attivio’s Intelligent Search platform helps sales and support professionals answer questions like “What products should I recommend to this customer?” and resulted in $350 million in field operations efficiencies.
  • A leading manufacturer of helicopters was looking to minimize Aircraft on Ground (AOG) time and improve customer satisfaction, and with Attivio’s help was able to rise from #4 to #2 in customer service ranking.
  • In the risk avoidance category, Deutsche Bank was able to reduce false positive results by 90% when using Attivio’s platform for communication monitoring. 

Finally, Brian also demonstrated the Unified Digital Workplace capabilities of the Attivio platform, focusing on a knowledge management use case. Showcasing the unified search function, where users can search both structured and unstructured information from one place, Brian called the experience “One search box to rule them all,” much to the delight of LOTR fans in attendance. 

If you missed the live webinar or want to refresh your memory about what was covered, watch the recording here

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