Transform Sales Productivity: The Thermo Fisher Story

One of the smartest ways to grow your business is to acquire companies with complementary (and sometimes competing) products and services. You get a ready-made customer base and established products that fit nicely into your long-term business strategy.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

With Acquisitions Come Many Challenges

One of these is the need to integrate multiple disparate IT systems from the acquired company. In some cases, you may be able to move everyone into a single system. But often, you will need to keep all the different systems up and running for a long period, if not permanently. This is particularly true with companies in the life sciences industry where the products are very complex and specific to business problems.

But just because you have to keep multiple business systems running long term, doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to integrate them so that you have a seamless, consistent view of your combined business across the board.

Thermo Fisher’s Story

Thermo Fisher Scientific, a leader in serving the life sciences industry, helps accelerate innovation and enhance productivity through its products and services. These products and services come from a number of brands, many of which came from acquisitions. They faced the same challenges that many companies face when they acquire companies: integrating IT systems to give them a seamless view of their customers across all brands, and the ability to report on customer satisfaction and sales opportunities quickly and dynamically.

With the help of Attivio, Thermo Fisher has resolved many of its challenges. They have integrated five CRM instances to create a single view of the customer across the entire company and have the processes in place to integrate more as necessary. Thermo Fisher now knows exactly how much business they are doing with each customer. They can also provision data to Tableau, their analytics solution, where analysts and account teams can identify their most important customers across divisions, finding key accounts that can drive new sales opportunities.

Companies like Thermo Fisher are under constant pressure to innovate and identify ways to win and retain customers. They need solutions behind them that enable them to understand their customers better and support their needs quickly. Attivio is one of those solutions.

You can learn more about the challenges Thermo Fisher faced and how, with Attivio’s help, they have been able to identify new opportunities more quickly and drive greater customer satisfaction. Read their story here.

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