Test Our ROI Calculator for Call Deflection and Agent Assist

A former boss of mine used to say there were only three reasons customers buy enterprise software – they do it to [a] make money [b] save money [c] stay out of jail. The tenets of value, if you will. At Attivio, value is our focal point – all day, every day. Today, I’m going to focus on how Attivio helps make and save money for our support customers, first from 30,000 feet, and then through a specific example with a recent prospect.

Making money with enterprise software is done in a number of ways. The most obvious is to buy the software, build it into your product, and charge more. Another is software that optimizes your website and drives users to pages you can monetize. AI and machine learning can recommend upgrades or help users find what they are looking for. Happy, satisfied customers will upgrade, renew, and advocate for your business. Win, win, win.

Saving money is just the other side of the same coin, because if you save money, aren’t you really making money? Let’s leave that for philosophy class. Productivity is the biggest catalyst here, and generally the easiest to measure. There are other subtler examples like vendor consolidation (replacing five vendors with one) or employee onboarding (get them up to speed and autonomous faster), but productivity is the factor we see most.

Now let’s zoom in on productivity through the Attivio lens. What pain points do we see most, and how do we attack them?

  1. Information is in Silos – knowledge is scattered across the enterprise, structured (database, spreadsheet) and unstructured (email, social)
  2. Employees use Too Many Apps to find Info – we call this the Swivel, as employees move from one screen to another (and back) to find what they are looking for
  3. Unsuccessful Digital Touchpoints – systems fail to resolve employee and customer questions/issues in a timely manner, resulting in poor job satisfaction or CSAT

How does Attivio attack these problems?

First, we connect to all systems that house the information (Sharepoint, Box, ServiceNow, etc), normalize the data, and get it all into a single index. Silos, check. Then we (help customers) create a search interface that puts it all on one screen. Reduce the swivel, check. Finally, we feed all digital touchpoints with the same data, so no matter how you access the data, you get a unified experience.

How do we quantify the impact?

First, we do a deep dive with a prospect to see which KPIs really drive their business. In other words, if they decide to go with Attivio, how will they measure success? Then we build a custom calculator to assess the potential return on investment.

Here is an example of the ROI calculator in action. It is measuring two KPIs for a customer support organization we recently helped:

Call Deflection ROI Calculator image

The first calculates the savings that could result from better self-service and call deflection. If they launch an Attivio powered self-service customer portal and only 5% of their customer inquiries (a conservative number) use the portal instead of calling customer service, they save $861K per year. The second calculator demonstrates the positive impact to Agent Productivity – if the customer calls the support line and agents can find answers 20% faster, they save an additional $672K per year. In three years, they would save nearly five million dollars.

You can download the same calculator here and plug in your own numbers. We built it to be dynamic, so try playing around with a few different scenarios.

The bottom line? Learn and adhere to the tenets of value, and the rest will take care of itself. If you want to talk about your ROI calculator results, or learn more about what we offer, get in touch!

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