A Simple Enhancement to ServiceNow helps Elevate your Employee Experience

Providing an exceptional employee experience should be the goal for any HR team, and in today’s fiercely competitive digital workplace, organizations are looking to AI-powered technologies to help achieve this. If you own ServiceNow® you may be well on your way in your digital transformation journey. Attivio’s Elevate™ HR takes it the extra mile.

Elevate delivers AI-powered answers and insights directly into the ServiceNow HR Service Delivery workflow. This makes it vastly easier for employees and HR staff to find the answers they’re looking for, whether from the ServiceNow self-service portal or while processing a ticket—even from the many data sources and diverse data involved in HR. Elevate helps maximize the ROI of ServiceNow, aids in the adoption of the self-service portal, and delivers highly engaging, productive employee experiences. Our latest eBook “Elevate your Employee Experience” will teach how Elevate can:

  • Modernize the employee experience
  • Optimize HR productivity
  • Ensure self-service adoption
  • Maximize ROI of ServiceNow

 ebook Elevate Your Employee Experience with ServiceNow

From employees to your HR staff, learn how you can incorporate consumer-like experiences into your employee workflows to increase satisfaction and productivity. Download the eBook today.

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