Security That Ensures Your Customers’ Privacy Won’t Become a Headline

From Marriott to the Democratic National Convention to Yahoo!, significant data breaches have become practically normalized. This is, of course, nonsense; privacy is a fundamental right and the fact that major organizations cannot guarantee your digital privacy is an enormous problem. While compromised email addresses and passwords are one thing, the recent crack of data and analytics company Ascension’s Elasticsearch-based database spilled more than 24 million banking and financial documents onto the web for an all-you-can-steal buffet. For companies, this should be a giant flashing red light that says, “Ensure your security is up to snuff.”

Elastic is a free service which is obviously compelling, however, elite search security cannot be provided as a free service. A fundamental mistake many organizations make is assuming that every enterprise app is fully-secured, an assumption that may lead to failures like Ascension's. If your organization has personally identifiable data in its data stores, it’s absolutely essential to buck the free services and pay for the peace of mind that Attivio’s secure data management platform can provide.

The cloud is a paradox in itself, making everything available no matter where you are while attempting to ensure every file’s security. That’s not a simple task but Attivio’s search security offerings are comprehensive and complete. Attivio offers a single access point for all of your data (and all of your team members) with security that completely integrated your preferred identity provider, cloud services, and on-premise data stores. Attivio Managed Services (AMS) is compliant with all legal and regulatory requirements — SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR — and provides three distinct layers of security that any would-be wrongdoer will find overwhelmingly complicated to breach.

AMS’s Access-Level Security leverages Amazon Web Services to deliver best-in-class security capabilities such as a Network Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System, Anti-Malware, DDOS-prevention, and Integrity Monitoring. All API endpoints can be further protected via SAML or OAUTH 2.0.

Customers who would prefer to deploy Attivio within their own premises have the luxury of replicating search security services based on their available infrastructure. Had the given administrator, provided the appropriate Access-Level Security to their deployments, the Elasticsearch incident may have been avoided entirely. With Attivio, that’s the kind of security you get out of the box.

While Document-Level Security is achievable with Elasticsearch, it’s difficult and time-consuming to accomplish and was clearly missed by Ascension. Attivio doesn’t just provide Document-Level Security out of the box, their patented approach supports some of the most complex security environments on the planet. They ensure a highly-scalable, low latency solution can be achieved without the massive overhead required when security permissions are consistently changing. This capability is deployed with nearly all of Attivio’s Enterprise Search Customers, regardless of search security schemas requiring integration with the mission-critical search-based application.

Where Attivio truly sets it apart from even the paid solutions is in Text-Level Security. Human error is a fact of life and employees may accidentally apply the incorrect level of access permissions. Attivio’s Cognitive Security feature precisely applies machine learning and natural language processing to ensure that critical personally identifiable data or HIPAA-compliant metadata can be automatically detected, and rich text analytics can then be leveraged to automatically redact or remove search results the wrong person should not be seeing. Beyond keeping hackers at bay, this feature also ensures that nobody in your organization violates strict compliance requirements, whether intentional or not.

Customer privacy should be the number one concern for all enterprise technology providers, but free solutions like Elasticsearch can’t guarantee essential levels of protection. To ensure your company’s and your customers’ security, paid solutions like Attivio are crucial, and the level of security Attivio provides out of the box is unparalleled on the market.

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