Risk and Compliance + Attivio: A Recap on Recent Events

Financial services companies comprise a significant portion of the Attivio client base. In fact, 8 of the world's top 10 banks work with us to address a variety of opportunities in risk and compliance, customer support, and knowledge management. Two events held last week focused on the risk and compliance scenarios and how modern, machine-learning based search can help improve investigator productivity, decrease false positives, and protect the brand. 

Risk and Compliance Networking Breakfast in London

More than 20 professionals from the financial services sector in London joined the Attivio team last week for a morning of networking & discussions around risk avoidance use cases in their own organizations. Attendees actively sought out peers in other organizations to understand how their challenges around avoiding risk overlap, discuss solutions being considered or deployed, and generally swap ideas and recommendations. 

Financial Services Networking

Attivio's CTO and co-founder, Will Johnson, delivered a brief presentation on using machine learning and natural language processing to power cognitive search in financial services. He described some of the use cases where cognitive search can be applied within the sector, including communications monitoring and anti-money laundering (AML) investigation, as well as in customer support and knowledge management scenarios. 

And, despite all rumors to the contrary, we did NOT have sushi for breakfast, even though the venue by night is a sushi restaurant with a stunning view over London.  

Webinar: Cognitive Search for FinCrimes 

Keeping in the financial services theme, last week we also held a webinar on using cognitive search in financial crimes investigation.  Director of Solution Architecture, Brian Flynn, set the stage by highlighting regulatory fines that have been issued to financial institutions in just the past 3 months; the dollar values can be staggering. 

FinCrimes Fines

However, using cognitive search, financial services organizations can significantly improve their risk and compliance practices.  Specifically, implementing cognitive search can delivers: 

  • Comprehensive Crime Analysis, enabling you to confidently protect your brand and reputation by analyzing every source of risk. Attivio's approach unifies customers, accounts, and transactions for financial crimes analysis. 
  • Extreme Accuracy, enabling you to reduce manual data analysis and improve investigative accuracy. In this manner, we were able to help a large, global bank achieve an 87% reduction in false positives for global communications surveillance. 
  • Transformative Productivity, by automating data collection and workflow to drive operational efficiency.  One of our customers reported an 82% improvement in investigator productivity.  

In case you missed the webinar, you can view the replay here.  

And if you're a financial services institution that's looking to incorporate machine learning, natural language processing, and text analytics into your workflows, let's chat. We'd welcome the opportunity to learn about your initiatives and how Attivio might help.  


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