3 days, 10,000 attendees, multiple TED speakers… but this wasn’t a motivational sales conference. It was a conference for data geeks – the Tableau Conference. In this case, what happened in Vegas will NOT stay in Vegas. It needs to be shared.

What a testament to the evolution of the data-driven mindset. We’ve known for a while that democratization of data could drive business results, and that the future belongs to data-driven organizations. But the sheer number of people at the Tableau conference is confirmation that the theory of the data-driven enterprise has been embraced by the masses.

When data is harnessed and analytics are effective, executives act with certainty and companies achieve global impact. And 10,000 data lovers at the Tableau show are working to make that a reality.

Quote from Christian Chabot’s keynote, #data15Bottlenecks in the Data Supply Chain

Christian Chabot made a great point. A single piece of data is small. But that’s where the magic starts. Tableau has opened up the world of dashboards and data visualization and made it easily accessible and far more manageable than ever before. From data points to patterns to insights, the result is more accurate business intelligence to inform decisions.

The next frontier involves addressing the bottlenecks in the data supply chain. Attivio came to the Tableau Conference to talk about the challenges of getting data sources in Tableau. We are preaching to the choir.

Provision the Right Data for Tableau in Minutes, Not Months

Everyone we talked to understood the problem only too well. Your company has amassed huge amounts of data, and some of it could be extremely valuable if analyzed in Tableau. But if you’re a business analyst, the process of getting data sources starts with making a request to IT for something that may or may not be useful, waiting a week or two for the results, and potentially needing to go back to IT to refine the results, or look for something else. It can take months.

Provision the Right Data for Tableau in Minutes

As we gave demos in the Attivio booth, reactions were all similar. Eyebrows would go up. Seriously? You can do that? Tableau users didn’t know that there is a faster, easier way to get access to the data they need. They are hungry for ways to streamline the process.

At Attivio, we want to help them transform productivity, so they can spend less time looking for data sources and more time developing data-driven insights.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines 2019
Attivio was recognized for our completeness in vision and ability to execute.