A Practical Guide To Machine Learning

We recently teamed with TSIA for a recorded Q&A about machine learning and AI as it relates to its use in support organizations and their particular needs.

The idea for this webcast came from our time at a recent TSW show. We spent a lot of time at the conference talking to people about these technologies. While people were genuinely interested in the capabilities and the far-reaching potential of AI and machine learning, ultimately what people really wanted to know was how AI and machine learning might impact them, their day-to-day, and their team.

A Practical Guide To Machine Learning

We address many of these frequently asked questions in the webinar. A few of the popular questions that we tackle are:

  • Will AI and machine learning eventually replace support techs?
  • How long does it take for AI/machine learning to understand a new environment and add value?
  • Our business is so unique, how can we be sure this technology will work for us?
  • Where are early adopters seeing ROI? Are there any real-world examples?

If you are asking yourself similar questions about what AI and machine learning have in store for your or your organization, let’s have a quick conversation.

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