New Survey: The Modern Customer and The Self-Serve Mindset

Once viewed as a non-revenue generating expense, more and more companies are realizing the impact good customer support has on their bottom line. Business leaders now devote large amounts of time and resources into their support teams and equip them with the modern tools they need to resolve all kinds of customer issues.

The Modern Customer & The Self-Serve Mindset

Given this shift in perspective, we wanted to better understand what the modern support experience should look like. To do this we conducted a consumer survey last month of 168 American adults who engaged with customer support within the last year.

The results largely fall in line with what other organizations – like Goldman Sachs – recognize as the ideal support experience. Namely, that today’s consumers want to try and solve problems themselves. And when they can’t and need support, they expect company’s support teams to be experts.

Read the survey.

This round-up of our survey results is a good starting point for any business looking to modernize their support experience and leave their customers satisfied with their experience.

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