Managed Services: Making Cognitive Search Easier

Attivio is pleased to announce its Managed Services offering for Cognitive Search and Insight in the cloud. Now you can have the full power of Attivio without having to buy hardware or manage software. Attivio will handle everything for you. With the Attivio Managed Services for Cognitive Search, you get the complete platform hosted on AWS and managed by Attivio.

Attivio Managed Services for Cognitive Search

This new service includes:

  • The full platform with the Secure Universal Index, and Behavioral and Information Intelligence
  • A comprehensive and robust set of connectors for sources, whether they are in the cloud or on premise
  • Text analytics and natural language processing
  • Automated relevancy based on user behavior and machine learning
    • but with manual overrides for complete control
  • Simple, intuitive search UI, based on best practices from extensive real-world experience
  • Complete and integrated content security

You might ask, why is Attivio moving to the cloud now? Our answer is, we’ve always been there, or at least our customers have been. Now we are just making it easier to get there and easier to manage.

“We will never buy another server.” Attivio has been hearing this more and more in the past few years as our customers are migrating their Attivio deployments to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Makes perfect sense. Attivio has always been well suited to run in the cloud and these platforms are innovating at a furious pace, allowing enterprises to take advantage of elastic resources, consumption-based pricing and geo distribution. The main barrier for most enterprises has been security, but these platforms now offer security that is robust enough for even the most highly regulated industries. If it’s secure enough for the U.S Department of Defense, it’s likely secure enough for your organization. 

So now the cloud is secure, reliable, and convenient. And, if you’re like most enterprises, a lot of your most critical information already resides there.  It’s in Salesforce, it’s in Box, it’s in Sharepoint Online, and dozens of other cloud services. These are great services, but they have one major drawback: They are silos.

Your knowledge workers are forced to go from service to service to find the information they need. This fragmentation is costing time and money. What you need is a single place to find all these sources of information, whether they are in the cloud or on premise. If you want to breakdown these silos, without spending a lot of time setting up new hardware and software or don’t have the time and resources to manage an installation, let Attivio do it for you. You focus on your business; we’ll take care of the rest.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines 2019
Attivio was recognized for our completeness in vision and ability to execute.