Machine Learning for Search: Top 8 Reasons

machine learning for search

Using machine learning in customer support equates to taking your most experienced rep – someone with years of experience responding to customer questions – and making her/him exponentially faster. Taken a step further, machine learning allows you to replicate their expertise and newfound proficiency amongst all of your reps.

What is the core of machine learning for search?

Machine learning for search leverages AI techniques to fully understand your enterprise’s content and your customer’s interests, behaviors, and needs by continuously ingesting new information, figuring out what works and what doesn’t, and tuning your models so that, with each search, your customer call center reps (and customers in a self-service model) are better able to quickly find the best answer.

Why implement machine learning in a call center?

Based on years of experience fine tuning Attivio’s Machine Learning we recently released the Top 8 reasons “Why Machine Learning Matters for Search.” (download) Here are just three benefits of deploying machine learning in customer support:

  1. Automatically categorizing documents allows the system to develop and improve upon the model.
  2. Using meta data – data that describes important components of a document, patterns and relationships within and between documents – to increase the relevancy of any answer.
  3. Attivio’s unique Query-Time JOIN capability ensures ALL documents, regardless of location or type, are included in the search query providing comprehensive results.

Hope you enjoy the content, and let us know what you think!

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