Knowledge Management: Going Cognitive

In 2015, technology consultant Tim Powell blogged that in the early 2000s many organizations were very disappointed in their knowledge management (KM) efforts—some of which were multimillion dollar undertakings. The main complaints centered on integrating KM into organizational workflows and KM’s failure to produce a substantial ROI.

Powell’s experience squares with the general knock on KM, which has always been that they’re big, complex, expensive projecst that rarely deliver the promised benefits. Closely related to this was the fact that older generation KM solutions imposed rules on users the enforcement of which was practically impossible. But without the enforcement of those rules, KM didn’t work very well. So user adoption was often tepid.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management Makes a Comeback

The rebirth of KM closely tracks the rise of Big Data and the pressure organizations feel to capture as much data as possible—and the potential knowledge that goes with it. With the attractive economics of cloud storage, the rise of cloud-native business applications, and the increasing investments in Hadoop and other modern data frameworks, the need for KM was obvious.

But not the old KM. Today’s KM is all about ease of access for users, with security that can measure up to whatever standards IT requires.

Attivio’s Cognitive Solution for Knowledge Management

Built on Attivio’s Cognitive Search and Insight Platform, the Attivo solution frees workers from searching for information silo-by-silo. It’s easy to deploy on premise or in the cloud. And it boosts search productivity through features such as predictive alerting, cognitive recommendations, sophisticated search relevancy analytics, and advanced linguistics.

It’s an overused trope to call something “next generation,” but, for the Attivio KM solution, the term really fits. To learn more, download our solution brief and read the launch press release.


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Attivio was recognized for our completeness in vision and ability to execute.