Introducing Elevate: a new way for ServiceNow users to provide Intelligent Answers and Insights across all touchpoints

As products become commoditized, and the time and cost of innovation lengthens, businesses are relying on their brand and support experiences to become a business differentiator. But providing an exceptional support experience for customers, and internally for employees, is incredibly tough. To be successful, support organizations must find and apply the right information in order to add efficiency to their business operations, increase employee retention and effectiveness, and improve customer satisfaction. Yet most organizations fall well short of these objectives. That’s why today we’re excited to announce early access to Elevate™. Elevate is a new suite of apps (Elevate ITSM, Elevate HR, Elevate CSM) tightly integrated with ServiceNow.






  • Elevate ITSM - Helps you modernize your IT service management Solve internal IT problems faster, increase employee satisfaction, and improve helpdesk agent productivity by delivering more precise answers via your self-service portal and by rapidly arming your IT fulfillers with the information they need to quickly solve problems, right from their existing ServiceNow workflows.
  • Elevate CSM - Helps you increase customer satisfaction and solve problems faster Realize the promise of self-service support by delivering more precise answers via your self-service portal or by directly assisting agents with recommended content and next best actions right from within the ServiceNow interface. 
  • Elevate HR - Helps you consumerize your HR experiences Enable your employees to quickly find key HR information where and when they need, improving employee satisfaction and freeing up HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives rather than spending their valuable time fielding routine queries.

Using Elevate, ServiceNow customers can take advantage of Attivio’s ability to unite all knowledge bases and customer data into a unified, intelligent, and always-learning experience. By delivering more precise resolutions to business issues directly within ServiceNow’s ITSM, CSM, and HR products, users can provide smarter self-service support, increase call deflection rates, and improve key performance measures like mean-time to resolution (MTTR) and net promotor scores (NPS).

Elevate for ServiceNow Screenshots


Elevate for ServiceNow Early Adopter Program

So why join our Early Adopter program (besides the free t-shirt you’ll get)? Here are three ways Elevate can inject productivity and process efficiencies into your workflows:

  • Timely and relevant answers; anytime, anywhere

Elevate customers can take advantage of Attivio’s ability to unite all knowledge base and customer data into a unified, intelligent, and always-learning experience. Putting the right information into the hands of the employees that need it leads to better support outcomes, happier employees and customers, and increased productivity and job satisfaction of the professionals who provide support.

  • Out-of-the-box access to Attivio’s AI technologies

Elevate customers can easily deploy Attivio’s AI technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, always learning relevancy models, and text analytics within the familiar ServiceNow workflows.

  • Tight integration with ServiceNow

Attivio developed Elevate in conjunction with ServiceNow and key members of the ServiceNow community, including Yansa Labs. It’s easy to deploy, and easy to use. Companies already using ServiceNow’s ITSM, CSM, and HR products, can seamlessly integrate Elevate to provide better self-service support, increase call deflection rates, and improve key performance measures like mean-time to resolution (MTTR) and net promotor scores (NPS).  

To learn more about Elevate and see a demonstration, plan to join us for a webinar on Wednesday, 10/24.

There will be more news and product announcement about Elevate in the coming months. The best way to stay up-to-date is by subscribing to our blog.

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