How to make the most out of your customer support interactions

There are plenty of reasons why you want to keep you customers happy: Happy customers make great “brand ambassadors.” The cost of attracting a new customer is higher than retaining an existing one. Today’s social media makes it possible for an unhappy customer to do harm in the marketplace. Etc. 


When it comes to keeping your customers happy, your customer support organization is at the forefront. And the interactions they’re having, day in day out, are generating enormous amounts of data on what makes your customers tick, what delights them, what annoys them, what in your products and services customers value, and what in your products and services your customers would like to see improved on. Intelligent search, powered by AI technology, lets you turn all this data – which comes in the form of unstructured, text base information – into one of your organization’s most important assets.

We’ve developed a brief, Found in Translation: How AI technology helps make the most of your customer interactions, that outlines how this can happen – and the benefits your organization stands to achieve when you take advantage of what you’re learning from your customers.

In Found in Translation, you’ll get to understand how different AI techniques like natural language processing (NLP), text analytics, and machine learning (ML) are transforming the way organizations are working with their customers The paper offers a high-level explanation of these technologies, and then details how they can be used to:

  • Improve self-service quality
  • Route queries to the team best equipped to answer it 
  • Upskill your call center reps
  • Personalize the user experience 
  • Offer preventive support

If you’re interested in learning more about how to make the most of your customer interactions, you’ll find our new brief here.  

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